Late Night TV Officially Dead, Proves Incapable of Intelligent Discourse

God, I miss Johnny Carson. And David Letterman, Jay Leno, and any late-night host before 2014, to be honest. That’s close to the era when late night television devolved from tongue in cheek comedy, an opportunity to see the newest song from a favorite band, and to see your favorite celebrity hawk their new movie to what it is now. Liberal propaganda and foul mouthed, classless “celebrities” trying to tell the rest of America how to live. Thankfully, NOBODY watches them anymore.

Unfunny hosts only pander to the far left, classless b list guests mouthing off about what their agenda might be on a given day, and lots and lots of curse words! Is that worth staying up for?

What’s more convincing than yelling curse words to get your point across? Intelligent discourse? Nah, what is this, the Dick Cavet Show? Merry Griffin is probably rolling in his grave.

It’s been an impressive list of “celebrities” lately showing their classless butts on late night. Let’s check with Outkick and get the “tails”:

Jimmy Fallon sold his creative soul to the Left in the Age of Trump.

So it’s not shocking to see him egg on a B-list star to curse out the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade reversal.

“Stranger Things” star Maya Hawke, daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, shared a monologue on “The Tonight Show” about how much her mom’s abortion meant to the family. She capped it with, what else, an expletive.

I didn’t watch Stranger Things past the first season, so I have no idea who this girl is, but I am familiar with her parents’ work. At least when they were relevant back in the 90’s. Now? Who knows? Apparently, they spend their time raising lefty kids that applaud abortion.

I suppose Uma’s abortion meant a lot to the family, at least it meant Maya got more Christmas presents. Too mean?

Most celebrities just spit out an expletive, typically the F-bomb, and consider that their virtue signal du jour. They may have learned it from watching Robert De Niro curse out President Donald Trump at the 2018 Tony Awards.

Think Janelle Monae sharing her middle digit and cursing out the Court from the BET stage late last month. Or singer Olivia Rodrigo singing “f*** you” during a concert in England.

Or Green Day, the faux punk rockers whose lead singer vowed to renounce his U.S. citizenship following the decision. Oh, and he delivered his own “f*** off” slam to anyone who disagrees.

Or Wanda Sykes, who screeched America is no longer a Democracy (it never was, technically) to fellow hard-Leftist Stephen Colbert.

Or Pink demanding pro-life Americans stop listening to her music and, for good measure, “f*** right off.”

Where to start here?

Robert DeNiro is a washed-up hack that hasn’t had a good movie since “Meet the “. He also thinks Biden is doing a good job, so we know all we need to know there.

Olivia Rodrigo has a huge following, especially amongst young women. Her platform would be an excellent opportunity to attempt to make an intellectual argument to support her stance.

Nah, an “f” you seems more appropriate to her.

Which brings me to Green Day. Ironic that their big comeback hit was called “American Idiot”, because that’s how they are making themselves look. That, and the insistence to still wear neckties and t shirts and converse and eye liner. It’s 2022 Billie Joe Armstrong, not 1995. You look like an “idiot”.

How about Pink? If you have one name, I simply cannot take you seriously. Actually, in this case never could. And Pink’s request for pro-lifers to stop listening to her music? Challenge accepted! I’ll let the other 10 people know as well!

Here is the actual truth folks. It’s a truth that many on the left won’t acknowledge. These people simply aren’t very smart. They lack the intellectual skills necessary to articulate anything other than what has been written for them lyrically, or the fallback of using profanity to be shocking and get the stupid, fawning masses to agree.

Late night hosts used to challenge the guests, ask tough questions, and make the American public think, and sometimes question both sides.

Sadly, now it’s just devolved into gross, profanity laced, leftist spewing nonsense.

RIP late night TV. It was a good run.

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