Kari Lake DESTORYS Fake News Media

Kari Lake isn’t just using her strong position on the law enforcement issue to defend the police and push back on Democrat claims about them. No, now she’s also brilliantly using that strong stance in defense of law enforcement to go on the attack against the fake news media.

Here’s her doing that, using her support of law enforcement to rebut a baseless attack against her and use that as a road by which she could skewer the media:

As you can hear in that video, Lake really let the media have it, slamming them for falling for the stunt pulled by her opponent while also highlighting her close relationship with law enforcement. In her words:

Welcome, we’re happy you’re here. We know the world is watching us… We had an amazing event last night, an evening with first responders and law enforcement.

Men and women who put their lives on the line every single day… and while this was happening, my desperate opponent (who is sinking like a lead weight in water) pulled a stunt, and you guys fell for it.

Continuing, Lake then went on to emphasize what her opponent did and highlight just how easily the MSM hacks, who she referred to as propagandists for the Democratic Pary, fell for the stunt/hoax and went along with the defamation of her, saying:

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She put out a defamatory statement and you all ran with it. You didn’t do your journalistic duty. it was a malpractice of journalism like I’ve never seen before.

It was an effort, I believe, to influence this election. Many of you are an arm of the Democrat Party Many of you are propagandists. And almost all of you should be ashamed.

Lake then emphasized those same points again, playing up her support with LEOs and using that relationship to rebut the idea that she was any way involved in the break-in of her opponent’s office, hammering the media again for just running with the story, saying:

Yesterday, my Democrat opponent put out a statement while I was meeting with police officers and firefighters, working to make sure that our state is safe, she’s pulling stunts and you guys are falling hook, line, and sinker for them.

She put out a statement about a petty theft that took place at her office. She knew darn well I had nothing to do with it, so she puts a statement out, and right away, your gatekeepers over at the Arizona Democratic Party jumped on it and put a statement out, which was the cue to you to go ahead and start running with it.

NBC News, an arm of the Democrat Party, was the first to start reporting on it. And then we get this from Newsy, whatever that is, “Gubernatorial candidate’s campaign headquarter broken into.”

You guys spread this like wildfire. And then The Guardian, overseas, “Campaign HQ Broken Into,” Watergate, oh my goodness.

Lake sure knows how to go on the attack and bash the left. No wonder Trump picker her as the one to back in the AZ race.

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Kari Lake DESTORYS Fake News Media is written by Will for trendingpolitics.com