House GOP Announces ‘Commitment to America’ — Its First Proposal Should Be Instantly Popular

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy announced a “Commitment to America” platform on Friday. Its first proposal in the agenda should be a popular one.

“If you trust us, hold us accountable,” McCarthy said. “We’re putting it out to the entire country. This is what we’ll do. But on that very first day, that we’re sworn in, you’ll see that it all changes. Because on our very first bill, we’re going to repeal 87,000 IRS agents. Our job is to work for you, not go after you.”

The House GOP’s proposal comes at a time when many Republican voters have been growing concerned over the party’s silent tolerance as the Biden administration has heaped a long train of abuses against the American people, and particularly, violating their rights and the rule of law.

A summary of the Republicans’ “Commitment to America” follows below:

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An Economy That’s Strong

  • Fight Inflation and Lower the Cost of Living: Curb wasteful government spending that is raising the price of groceries, gas, cars, and housing, and growing our national debt; Increase take-home pay, create good-paying jobs, and bring stability to the economy through pro-growth tax and
    deregulatory policies
  • Make America Energy Independent and Reduce Gas Prices: Maximize production of reliable, cleaner, American-made energy and cut the permitting process time in half to reduce reliance on foreign countries, prevent rolling blackouts, and lower the cost of gas and utilities
  • Crack down on prosecutors and district attorneys who refuse to prosecute crimes, while permanently criminalizing all forms of
    illicit fentanyl
  • Strengthen the Supply Chain and End Dependence on China: Move supply chains away from China, expand U.S. manufacturing, and enhance America’s economic competitiveness and cyber resiliency

A Nation That’s Safe

  • Secure the Border and Combat Illegal Immigration: Fully fund effective border enforcement strategies, infrastructure, and advanced technology to prevent illegal crossings and
    trafficking by cartels; End catch-and-release loopholes, require legal status to get a job, and eliminate welfare incentives
  • Reduce Crime and Protect Public Safety: Support 200,000 more police officers through recruiting bonuses and oppose all efforts to defund the police; Crack down on prosecutors and district attorneys who refuse to prosecute crimes, while permanently criminalizing all forms of
    illicit fentanyl
  • Defend America’s National Security: Support our troops, invest in an efficient, effective military, establish a Select Committee on China, and exercise peace through
    strength with our allies to counter increasing global threats

A Future That’s Built on Freedom

  • Make Sure Every Student Can Succeed and Give Parents a Voice: Advance the Parents’ Bill of Rights, recover lost learning from school closures, and expand parental choice so over a million more students can receive the education their parents know is best; Defend fairness by ensuring that only women can compete in women’s sports
  • Achieve Longer, Healthier Lives for Americans: Personalize care to provide affordable options and better quality, delivered by trusted doctors; Lower prices through transparency, choice, and competition, invest in lifesaving cures, and improve access to telemedicine
  • Confront Big Tech and Demand Fairness: Provide greater privacy and data security protections, equip parents with more tools to keep their kids safe online, and stop
    companies from putting politics ahead of people

A Government That’s Accountable

  • Preserve Our Constitutional Freedoms: Uphold free speech, protect the lives of unborn children and their mothers, guarantee religious freedom, and safeguard the
    Second Amendment
  • Hold Washington Accountable: Conduct rigorous oversight to rein in government abuse of power and corruption, provide real transparency, and require the White House to answer for its incompetence at home and abroad
  • Restore the People’s Voice: End special treatment for Members of Congress by repealing proxy voting, and increase accountability in the election process
    through voter ID, accurate voter rolls, and observer access

There are some political observers who would like to see more vocal condemnation of the Biden administration for its flagrant disregard of the rule of law and its weaponization of the U.S. government to push a heavy-handed left-wing agenda.

“Kevin McCarthy right now giving speech in PA to roll out GOP new campaign agenda,” Julie Kelly noted on Twitter. “I understand this is a summary but I hope the short shrift given to widespread government abuses (DOJ, FBI, CDC, DHS, NIH) is more detailed over the next several weeks.”

Indeed, the Republican Party treating this election like “politics as usual” has been a major cause for concern as the Biden administration tramples on constitutional safeguard after constitutional safeguard in a mad dash at radical authoritarian governance.

Andrew W. Coy at the American Thinker eloquently expresses the feelings of many conservative voters that we are now witnessing a truly “evil” government.

“Why would Biden’s FBI and Department of Justice cover up obvious felony crimes on Hunter Biden’s laptop, yet search the bedroom of President Trump’s teenage son?” Coy asks.

“Why would the FBI and DoJ ignore the 4th and 5th Amendments in their illegal raid on President Trump’s private home?” the piece continues. “Why would the FBI/CIA/NSA disregard all precedents, all laws, all tradition, the Constitution, and all common sense in their illegal attacks on President Trump since he came down the golden escalators? Why has the FBI/CIA/NSA abused and misused the Patriot Act in their attack on Biden’s political enemies? And why has the ACLU remained totally silent and mute as these Third Reich tactics have been used on the American people?”

“Why has Biden/FBI/Justice Department carried out Stasi police state raids on many of President Trump’s closest supporters?” he adds. “Why has law enforcement harassed, badgered, and even arrested, Giuliani, Bannon, Roger Stone, Steven Miller, and many others? Why is political dissent, questioning the 2020 election outcome, and First Amendment rights under siege? Why are the J-6 marchers still jailed without formal charges and bail being afforded to them?”

The piece continues on. It demonstrates there is a major disconnect between the Republican leadership and a conservative base that is seriously disturbed by the Biden administration’s blatant disregard of the U.S. Constitution and its frankly un-American approach to governance.

McCarthy’s tone-deaf ‘politics as usual’ approach is one reason why he might struggle to maintain leadership of the Republican Party, even if his “Commitment to America” agenda appears to be a sensible step in the right direction in the eyes of many American voters.

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