GOP Rep. McCaul Tears Into Biden

Why won’t Biden use the word China in a bill expressly meant to counter China? If Americans are supposed to take on the Red Dragon, shouldn’t we at least acknowledge our enemy?

You’d think so, but Biden apparently doesn’t grasp that the enemy must be defined before it can be defeated. Instead, he’d rather just hope others deal with the problem while he shies away from shining a light on and taking on the communist Chinese.

A House GOP-affiliated Twitter account called out Biden and the White House for that, saying “If the @WhiteHouse & @SpeakerPelosi cared about accelerating American competitiveness & countering the #CCP, they would have conferenced bipartisan legislation months ago–instead of spoiling sound science & tech investments with partisan, ill-conceived poison pill policies.

That comment, however, didn’t come out of the blue. It was a response to a statement (included in the original tweet being retweeted) from Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. In it, he tore into Biden in a recent letter, saying:

It’s disgraceful the @WhiteHouse Statement of Administration Policy on the bill @SpeakerPelosi
claims is a counter #China bill doesn’t even contain the word China. This is proof #COMPETES is not a serious effort to combat the generational threat posed by the CCP.”

And disgraceful it is. The bill McCaul is commenting on (available here) is theoretically meant to take on Red China by funding the American semiconductor industry, giving it the resources and funds it needs to both wean itself off the Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturing base and fix the supply chains wrecked by the Covid-19 pandemic.

It would do so by increasing funding for those institutions that research semiconductor manufacturing and are vulnerable to Chinese espionage, giving them the funds and money they need to fight back and resist Chinese influence by stopping them from having to accept Chinese grants and funds.

It’s directed squarely at China, obviously meant to help America grapple with the Red Dragon before it completely overtakes us. So, from an idea perspective, it’s a fine bill that would help America fight its greatest enemy.

The devil is, however, in the details. Specifically, in two details.

One is that the anti-China bill, as McCaul points out, doesn’t even include the word “China.” Businesses are being asked to compete against a nation that the leader of the nation is afraid to name.

The other problem is a provision of the bill that creates an amnesty program for those academics that have taken Chinese dollars, allowing them to disclose what they’ve done without fear of retribution.

That amnesty program will be taken as weakness by the Red Chinese and likely encourage them to further infiltrate US institutions, knowing that the repercussions of doing so are quite limited. Sen. Marco Rubio said as much in a statement on the subject, saying:

President Biden is telling U.S. research centers, corporations, and colleges not to worry about Chinese espionage. The Chinese Communist Party sees this, and it emboldens them to do even more. Steal more secrets. Steal more technology. Steal more American jobs. This dangerous behavior jeopardizes our national security.
This is not a new problem, yet too many in Washington continue to turn a blind eye to Beijing’s systematic campaign to undermine America. We must do everything possible to protect taxpayer-funded research from theft, diversion, and ultimately weaponization against our own long-term national interests. That starts by prosecuting those who lie about their affiliations to the Chinese Communist Party, and it will require a new focus and a new approach.

Rubio is right. China must be punished and defeated, not appeased and let off with a slap on the wrist. The bill is a good idea, but needs to be reworked to be tough on Red China.

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