FTC Investigation On Elon Musk & Twitter An “Attack on 1st Amendment”

FTC Investigation On Elon Musk & Twitter An

(ConcernedPatriot.com) – Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), chairman of the House Oversight Committee, criticized the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for looking into Elon Musk and Twitter during an interview earlier this week.

The Ohio Republican congressman claimed that the FTC was acting in a way that might violate the First Amendment.

“The FTC called, wrote letters to a private company, and inquired as to what journalists—who in the press—they were speaking to,” he claimed.

“Consider this: The harassment of Twitter began after Elon Musk acquired the business. It may be the most blatant assault on the First Amendment I have ever seen. They send out at least 12 different letters over around two months.

The notion that they were targeting journalists and even explicitly named several journalists included in the Twitter data was, in Jordan’s opinion, the most offensive aspect. By the way, two people will appear before our committee on Thursday to provide testimony.”

“They ask Elon Musk, “So who are these journalists that you’re giving access to information to, when you’re stating what happened to Jim Baker’s,” he said. We are familiar with these four names.

With whom else have you spoken? What have you revealed to these reporters?

I’m unsure if I’ve ever witnessed an assault on the First Amendment or press freedom like the one the FTC is waging.”

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