Elon Trolls with “Ligma” and “Johnson”, Tricks Vapid Journalist [WATCH]

Back when Elon first bought Twitter and the pink slip party at the bird app’s headquarters began, two absolute legends pretended to be Twitter employees. Speaking to journalists waiting outside the Twitter HQ, they, while waving Michelle Obama memoirs and acting like what you’d expect from a woke Twitter employee, said that their names were “Ligma” and “Johnson”.

The media fell for it, not catching on to their names and reporting on how one of them said he wouldn’t be able to make his Tesla payments because he had been laid off by Elon. Watch the spectacle here:

Well, Elon decided to resurrect the meme, bringing the two hilarious trolls back to Twitter for a visit:

Joking about them in a comment on the tweet, Elon said “Important to admit when I’m wrong & firing them was truly one of my biggest mistakes.

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Well, you’d think that people supposed to have their ears to the ground would have caught on and guessed what was up with that: that Elon was just trolling and joking with everyone about the two employees as the Twitter firings and quittings ramped up.

Apparently not, as one talking head thought that they were actual Twitter employees…and there’s a video of her saying as much, watch that here:

Speaking on that, she said, as you can hear in the clip:

I mean, what do you think this is about? Is it because he has created such a poor working environment has ruined the relationship between him and his employees so much that he’s not able to do the job?

Because I saw him he was tweeting out pictures of him standing with two employees who had fired prematurely and then rehired with his arms around them kind of like ‘Hey, I know. I shouldn’t admit to my mistakes.’

It seems like he’s in a desperate situation where he’s realized he actually need somebody in the single genius.

Myth is just that a myth and he actually needs these employees to work for him. And the employees didn’t look so happy in that photograph. I gotta say.

So Elon’s troll was completely successful and another one of the libs fell for it…lol.

People on Twitter had a field day commenting on Benny’s post on the troll and the journo falling for it.

One, for instance, said it exposed the liberal mindset, saying “This is a perfect example of the whole Liberal mindset. They are completely confident in the things in they are completely wrong about.

Another used the clip to shred journalists, saying “This just highlights how broken/ lazy mainstream journalists are.”

Another said it reminded him of Trump’s trolling energy from 2016, saying:

Holy shlit the Trupian-troll-energy beaming off of Musk right now is giving me a patriot-boner…I think I might be pregnant.

LOL! This is so freaking good! 😂🤣🔥

Indeed it does seem back: with Elon in charge of Twitter, the hilarity is coming back and the lefties are setting themselves up for some serious humiliation once again. Wonderful.

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