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Delusional Democrat Rants about Republicans, Paints Them as a “Threat”

If you were to imagine who the threat to America, the “sweet land of liberty,” who would it be? The people that generally just want to be left alone and live their lives as they see fit, largely in accordance with how their ancestors lived and in line with what the Bible says? Or the side that wants to demolish tradition, trans the kids, take and redistribute wealth, and is sending federal agents after the leader of the political opposition?

The answer should be obvious, but the either delusional or lying (or, perhaps more likely, both) Democrats don’t see it the way reasonable people do. According to them, it’s those people who don’t want their guns and wealth confiscated while their kids are transed that are the real threats to America.

Such is what the far-left Rep. Meeks said during a recent conversation on MSNBC with “Reverend” Al Sharpton the race-baiter (both men are black), saying that Republicans are an internal enemy. In the words of Rep. Meeks:

The biggest threat to us in America, it is internal. Clearly, when you look at what took place on January 6, the biggest threat to our democracy is internal. They did more damage to the United States Capitol, killing police officers, violating all types of rules and laws. The biggest threat is from within. “

That is becoming very, clear when you look at the Oath Keepers and what the non-defamation group has looked. That will be looking at people who are being recruited, who are police officers are firefighters. Former elected officials. That is something that shows you the deep threat internally that has to be looked at and is something that I think you reverend Sharpton and all of the civil rights groups.

What Antifa and BLM did was “mostly peaceful” despite the dozens dead and billions of dollars in property damage done. But some guy cracking a beer in the Capitol while a guy with a buffalo hat roams around is the “biggest threat” to “our democracy.”

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But Meeks wasn’t done there. He continued on with his rant about the bad orange man and his insurrectionist supporters, calling for Trump to be locked up and saying:

“Well, I think as the investigation continues, and the grandeur should look at this case an impartial grand jury. And the facts, comments I think that they will. And there should be an indictment. I also think that there will be no one is above the law, we talk about it all of the time. And for the first-time, we have a president at the United States who has done things even worse than Richard Nixon has done. Apparently and has been one that has decided not to cooperate in the manner that one should.

“It seems to me now that before the, judge, I know that any other citizen if there is any contact between that judge and that defendant are potential defendant. That judge would have to recuse themselves. So it seemed to, me it may be reasonable for a judge who was appointed by the former president, should recuse themselves from being on office ill that you can avoid even the empress and of impropriety. For the purity of justice, in that regard. So not talking about a special master, which I think that and goes against what we’re looking for. The president of the United States for the judge, if you really want to avoid the appearance of any improprieties, than that judge should sit down and an individual who is not appointed by Donald Trump should be the case.”

They’ll do anything to destroy Trump, whether that means trying to keep justices he appointed from getting involved or treating his supporters as internal enemies. Yikes.

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Trump and His Allies Move to Destroy Biden Campaign


( – Politico revealed on Monday that a pro-Trump super PAC receiving significant funding from billionaire Miriam Adelson is preparing to launch a $61 million advertising campaign this month to deal a fatal blow to President Joe Biden’s struggling campaign.

A source informed Politico that a revitalized and redesigned Preserve America will run advertisements this month as the Summer Olympics get underway in Paris.

The story stated that the ads would run in swing states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

In May, it was revealed that Adelson intended to contribute significantly to Preserve America, a group established amid President Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign.

Although it is currently uncertain how much the super PAC will rely on Adelson’s contributions, sources informed Politico in May that she intends to raise her 2020 donation of $90 million.

Her and her late husband’s contributions accounted for 85% of Preserve America’s funding. Sheldon Adelson, the late billionaire who owned casinos, passed away on January 11, 2021.

Adelson’s wife, who now controls their contributions, plans to increase their super PAC funding.

Preserve America’s goal is to capitalize on the internal Democratic squabbling that followed the June 27 presidential debate. Several Democrats have demanded that Biden resign as his polling numbers have dropped.

Adelson and her son-in-law are Las Vegas Sands’s principal shareholders and jointly own most of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, she is worth $33.3 billion.


Biden-Likely-Replaced By-This-Democratic-Nominee

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5 Worst Polls Democrats FEAR This July 4th Holiday


( – Several independent surveys indicate that former President Donald Trump’s momentum on July 4 may be the highest during the 2024 cycle.

Before President Joe Biden’s appalling performance in the debate last week, numerous polls showed Trump leading Biden in practically every category, including national, swing state, and significant issue surveys.

According to post-debate polling, Trump is gaining momentum.
Still, the Biden campaign disagrees with the statistics. An internal survey has recently circulated that indicates Biden’s position in the race is unaltered.

The accuracy of Biden’s internal polling is under question.
After the first presidential debate on June 30, Nate Silver released his election model estimate, which shows that Trump has a six-point advantage over Biden in terms of likely winning the popular vote in November.

George W. Bush, who received 50.73 percent of the vote in 2004, was the last Republican to win the popular vote.

For the first time, Silver’s election model estimate on June 30 indicated that Trump would defeat Biden in the popular vote. The forecast said that one day before the debate, Trump was behind by two points.

More significantly, there is a 68.4% chance that Trump will prevail in the electoral college, which will determine the election’s winner. Biden’s reelection is just 31% possible.

The top five post-debate polls that seem to support Silver’s interpretation are shown below:

One: A Suffolk University survey indicates that 41% of Democratic voters want President Joe Biden to withdraw from the 2024 contest, while 51% prefer him to stay on the ticket.

Two: According to a YouGov survey, 72% of voters believe Biden lacks the mental and cognitive capacity to be president, and another 72% of people want him to withdraw from the contest.

Three: According to a New York Times/Siena survey, Trump leads Biden by six points, up three points from the previous week and the biggest lead the Times has seen since 2015.

Four: A Wall Street Journal poll finds Trump leading Biden by six points, his biggest advantage in Journal polling ever.

Five: A leaked internal Open Labs poll states that “votes for Biden in the two-way horse race declined by -0.8pp,” and “votes for Trump in the multi-way also declined by -0.8pp.”

The email states that the statistics show “the largest single-week drop since horse race tracking began in late 2021.”

Honorable Mention: According to a CNN survey, Trump now leads Biden 49 to 43 percent.


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Watch Trump’s Reaction to Biden Being Replaced by VP Kamala Harris


( – Former President Donald Trump is anything but confident about his performance at the debate last week.

Someone filmed him on the golf course and leaked the footage to The Daily Beast in an attempt to make him look bad, but given the man’s history, is that really ever the case?

[CAUTION: Language]

Now there’s a man who knows he’s gonna win!

Though Biden denies it, things are chaotic in the Democratic Party, and his dementia is getting worse every day, so you never know what will happen.

Consider Kamala running against China’s Xi or Russia’s Putin if she wins the presidency. Are we really going to pick Kamala to put an end to these terrible dictators who want to conquer the world?

Trump must have thought this video was as great as we did because he shared it on Truth Social along with a small campaign pledge.



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