Dangerous: DHS Planned to Assign ‘Risk Scores’ to American Internet Users

According to internal documents acquired by Vice, the Department of Homeland Security intended to create a technique for determining “risk scores” for social media users in 2018 as part of a campaign to identify “disinformation” activities called “Night Fury” by the DHS.

The DHS collaborated with the University of Alabama to create the “Night Fury” system, whose idea is eerily similar to the Chinese “social credit” ratings given to residents to gauge their adherence to the ruling system.

Vice’s began their investigation with the goal of learning more about Custom and Border Protection’s (CBP) initiatives to gather information regarding border arrivals, but it appears that in the process, Vice stumbled across a crucial component of the government’s extensive social media censorship apparatus.

Per Vice:

“The Contractor shall develop these attributes to create a methodology for developing a ranking, or ‘Risk Score,’ associated with the identified accounts. The Contractor shall develop tools to automate the identification process, documenting performance measures and metrics related to automating the identification process,” one of the documents reads. DHS said it stopped work on the project in 2019.

The news signals DHS’ continued focus on analyzing social media for a variety of purposes. These new documents come after Motherboard reported Customs and Border Protection (CBP) was using an AI-powered tool called Babel X to analyze travelers’ social media at the U.S. border.”

Vice investigated the records and found that the DHS ended the program in 2019. But in other places, the government’s initiatives to combat “disinformation” on social media, a concern that only became more prominent after Donald Trump was elected, multiplied.

By the 2020 election, a sizable network of censors had emerged, including deep state organizations, nongovernmental organizations, academics, journalists, and the tech titans of Silicon Valley. Throughout the 2020 election and beyond, this “censorship-industrial complex” effectively eliminated any pretense of free speech on social media.

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