China Denounces U.S. Lab Leak Accusations Saying It’s ‘Smearing China’

China Denounces U.S. Lab Leak Accusations Saying It's 'Smearing China'

( – A U.S. Department of Energy investigation on Sunday revealed that COVID-19 most certainly spilled from a lab, and China charged the U.S. with trying to ‘smear’ the nation.

During a conference on Monday, reporters questioned Mao Ning, a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, about the claim. However, Mao disregarded the conclusion, citing the hotly contested joint WHO-China inquiry into the virus’s genesis.

Tracking the origins of SARS-CoV-2 is a scientific endeavor that shouldn’t be politicized. According to Mao, China has “always supported and participated in international efforts to trace human origins using science.”

The specialists on the WHO-China joint mission came to the official, science-based conclusion that “a laboratory genesis of the pandemic was assessed to be extremely implausible” following visits to the lab in Wuhan and in-depth conversations with researchers. The mission report appropriately described that, and the international community has widely praised it.”

Mao said the “lab leak” myth should not be repeated, China should not be defamed, and origins tracing should not be politicized.

One day prior, the U.S. Department of Energy and the FBI determined that an unintentional lab leak was the most likely cause of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Still, they did so with “low confidence.” China now retracts its findings.

A representative for the Energy Department said in a statement to Fox News Digital on Sunday that the agency “continues to support the diligent, meticulous, and unbiased work of our intelligence personnel in probing the origins of COVID-19, as the President instructed.

During a Sunday appearance on CNN, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan questioned the Journal’s report: “The intelligence community has a range of viewpoints. Some intelligence community members have come to one conclusion, while others have come to the opposite. Several of them have stated that they lack sufficient knowledge to make a decision,” according to Sullivan.

Republicans, whose inquiries into the origins of COVID-19 and the lab leak scenario were long ignored as conspiracies, responded to the Sunday with a flurry of frustrated comments.

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., tweeted that “being proven right doesn’t matter” about China’s lab leak. Holding the Chinese Communist Party responsible is crucial to preventing future incidents.

When Cotton brought up the potential lab leak in February 2020, the Washington Post and the New York Times accused him of rehashing a “fringe idea.”

After declaring the hypothesis “debunked” in one of its articles for over a year, The Post corrected the error.

Now that they are in charge of the House of Representatives and the committees accompanying it, Republicans are expected to refocus on the origins of COVID-19.

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