Caught “Red” Handed: Big Tech’s AI Giveaway To Communist China

Startling revelations have exposed Microsoft’s deeply troubling alliances with Chinese state-run media outlets, heightening apprehensions about the tech giant’s unsettling participation in advancing state propaganda.

Reports from the Washington Free Beacon bring to light the extent of Microsoft’s collaborations with Chinese state-controlled entities, including China Daily and People’s Daily, both notorious propaganda tools of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). These clandestine partnerships, established in 2016 and 2018, witnessed Microsoft providing advanced technology and AI capabilities to these propaganda machines.

Big Tech: Propagandists For Red China?

In these questionable deals, China Daily, operating under the CCP’s Central Propaganda Department, received technology from Microsoft, enabling them to target and profile users. Meanwhile, People’s Daily gained access to Microsoft’s AI chatbot, Xiaoice, specifically designed to be manipulated and censored by the CCP. Although Microsoft claims these agreements expired years ago, they underscore the company’s willingness to collaborate with entities closely linked to a regime known for its ruthless control of media and dissemination of propaganda.


Critics argue that Microsoft’s questionable dealings may have actively contributed to the CCP’s global propaganda machine. Geoffrey Cain, policy director at the Tech Integrity Project, rightly expresses concern over Microsoft’s role in spreading content that actively undermines democratic values. These are major propaganda outlets peddling falsehoods to undermine the very foundations of democracy, and it’s disconcerting to see an American company actively playing a part in this.

The State Department’s designation of these outlets as effectively controlled by the Chinese government only magnifies the severe issues with Microsoft’s partnerships. These revelations provide a chilling insight into Microsoft’s broader strategy in China, where the company has significantly expanded its presence over the past two decades.

With about 9,000 employees in China and ambitious expansion plans, Microsoft’s deepening ties with Chinese entities, including collaboration in the “Great Wall Project” with China’s Ministry of Education, pose serious questions about the company’s commitment to democratic principles. It appears that Microsoft is willing to compromise fundamental values in the pursuit of market interests, raising concerns among conservative circles about the erosion of American values in the face of lucrative business opportunities.

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