Biden’s Approval Ratings Plunge: A Grim Reflection of Failed Policies


President Biden’s leadership is facing a stark reckoning as recent polling by ABC News reveals a dismal approval rating, the lowest recorded in the last 15 years for a U.S. president. The survey, conducted by Langer Research Associates with fieldwork by Ipsos Public Affairs, paints a picture of widespread dissatisfaction with Biden’s policies across key issues. From immigration to the economy, the American people are signaling their discontent with the current administration’s direction.

A mere 18% approval rating for Biden’s handling of the situation at the southern border highlights a concerning trend. The lax approach to immigration policies has not only failed to secure the border but has also left Americans questioning the administration’s commitment to upholding the rule of law and safeguarding national security.

On the economic front, only 13% of Americans feel better off financially since Biden took office. This disheartening figure is a testament to the impact of misguided economic policies that have failed to spur growth and benefit hardworking Americans. A majority of 56% expressing disapproval underscores the administration’s inability to foster economic well-being.

Comparisons with the mid-term of the Trump administration reveal a stark contrast. While only 13% reported not being as well off during Trump’s term, a staggering 43% now state they are not as well off under Biden. This drastic shift highlights the adverse consequences of the current administration’s policy decisions on the economic landscape.

On the global stage, Biden’s approval rating for handling the Israel-Hamas war stands at a mere 26%, with 48% expressing disapproval. This signifies a lack of confidence in the administration’s ability to navigate international conflicts effectively, raising concerns about the United States’ standing on the world stage.

The findings of the ABC News poll point to a critical need for the Biden administration to reassess its policies urgently. The declining approval ratings across various crucial issues underscore a growing discontent among the American people. From addressing immigration challenges to revitalizing the economy, the administration must prioritize the concerns of the citizens it serves.

As President Biden grapples with the lowest approval ratings in recent history, it is clear that a significant course correction is needed. The discontent expressed by the American people reflects a fundamental divergence between the administration’s policies and the desires of the electorate. 

The upcoming months will be crucial in determining whether the administration can pivot towards a more conservative and effective approach that aligns with the values and aspirations of the nation. The legacy of the Biden presidency is at a crossroads, and the path chosen in response to these challenges will shape the narrative of this administration in the eyes of the American people.