Apple Update Purposely Slows iPhone Charge to Save Planet: How to Disable Feature

Apple Update Purposely Slows iPhone Charge to Save Planet: How to Disable Feature

( – According to The New York Post, Apple just updated iOS 16.1 with a new feature that has been criticized by many iPhone customers.

To reduce the carbon impact of iPhone charging, Apple has introduced a new “Clean Energy Charging” option that restricts the iPhone’s ability to charge at full speed when lower-emission power is available.

The function, now available to iPhone users in the United States, is set to the “on” setting by default. When the mode is on, the iPhone collects data about the carbon emissions generated by the local electrical grid.

It utilizes this information to determine when to begin charging the device.

This means that the iPhone will charge slower than usual when Silicon Valley figures out that carbon-emitting sources are being used, like when energy demand is at its highest.

Several iPhone owners are unhappy with the latest automatic feature because it charges their phones more slowly than before.

Apple’s launch of Clean Energy Charging aligns with its commitment to reduce its carbon footprint and achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.

Optimized Battery Charging is a new iPhone feature that works with “Clean Energy Charging” to learn how a user likes to charge their phone and change the charging speed to match.

The areas where users often spend their time and charge their phones regularly for extended periods are the basis for this service.

According to Apple, the feature is not triggered if the user is traveling or if their charging habits change.

How to stop your iPhone from using “clean energy charging:”

  • Open the “Settings” app by selecting its gear-shaped icon.
  • On the settings app, choose “Battery.” Instead of going through the list of options, it’s often faster to use the app’s search function.
  • “Battery Health & Charging” should be chosen.
  • “Clean Energy Charging” must be disabled.

Disable “Optimized Battery Charging” if you’d like, although there are no claims that it slows down charging.

Watch this video to turn off “clean energy charging:”

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