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Anti-Israel Activists Besiege Christmas Fundraiser For Blind Children


In an appalling act of blatant disrespect and outrageous politicization, pro-Palestinian activists shamelessly infiltrated a cherished Christmas community fundraiser for blind children in Australia, morphing an event meant to spread joy into a despicable platform for their anti-Israel diatribes. Vision Australia’s Carols by Candlelight, an annual beacon of holiday cheer, was brutally hijacked by these activists, turning a celebration of goodwill into a disturbing spectacle of hatred.

The scale cannot be understated, with a staggering 10,000 attendees forced to witness the sacrilegious and disrespectful intrusion, broadcast live on Channel 9. The sanctity of a night dedicated to the spirit of Christmas generosity was violated by these agitators, who callously raised Palestinian flags and bellowed about Gaza, utterly drowning out the harmonious carols meant to unite the community.

Security, in a desperate attempt to salvage what was left of this sacred event, swiftly removed the disruptors from the stage, but not before their venomous presence left an indelible stain on what should have been a joyous occasion. The audience, composed of families, dedicated supporters, and those attending for the sheer love of Christmas, rightfully voiced their outrage with resounding boos against this egregious act of defiance.

Caught in the crossfire of this political storm were the event’s hosts, struggling to maintain composure in the face of such blatant disrespect. The brazen audacity of these protesters, who shamelessly exploited a charitable event for blind children to push their anti-Israel agenda, is an affront to decency and an assault on the principles of compassion and goodwill.

This regrettable incident unfolded against the backdrop of heightened tensions between Israel and the Palestinian territories, specifically the Gaza Strip. The ongoing conflict, marred by a recent incursion by fighters from the Palestinian Hamas terrorist group into Israel on October 7, has tragically resulted in casualties on both sides.

Expressing the collective outrage of those who hold Christian values dear, social media became a battleground of condemnation. Conservative commentator Darren Grimes, representing the voice of reason, vehemently rejected the protesters’ actions, declaring, “No. This moment isn’t theirs.” Pro-Israel activist Hen Mazzig echoed the sentiment, denouncing the disruption as “shameful” and asserting that such behavior would not contribute to the cause of a free Palestine.

Carols by Candlelight, beyond being a cherished Christmas tradition, stands as a symbol of hope and generosity, especially for Vision Australia’s children’s services. The event’s disruption is a slap in the face to the very essence of the holiday spirit – a spirit rooted in love, compassion, and unity.

This deplorable incident in Australia mirrors a disturbing trend observed globally, where pro-Palestinian protesters recklessly disrupt events with their political fervor. Such affronts to decency have even reached the shores of the United States, with a substantial group causing chaos in Chicago by confronting lawmakers at their residences and temporarily shutting down an interstate to voice support for Palestinians in Gaza.

In an era where even the most sacred and apolitical events are not spared from the intrusion of divisive politics, the need to vehemently condemn such outrages and reaffirm support for causes that unite communities becomes paramount. Let this be a call to arms for those who hold Christian values and unwavering support for Israel – a call to stand against the hijacking of our sacred traditions and to fiercely protect the sanctity of our celebrations.


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Radical Dems Go to Bat for Traitor Johnson Over Ukraine


In a recent appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” Representative Ro Khanna (D-CA) sparked controversy with his unexpected declaration of support for House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), despite glaring ideological disparities. Khanna’s surprising endorsement emerged in the aftermath of Speaker Johnson’s contentious facilitation of a foreign aid package, which included provisions for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, and passed through Congress under his guidance.

During his conversation with host Jonathan Karl, Khanna’s remarks seemed to laud Speaker Johnson’s leadership, citing vague notions of civility and procedural fairness. However, this endorsement from a Democratic representative inevitably raises doubts about Speaker Johnson’s commitment to conservative principles and his integrity as a leader within the conservative movement.

Conservative circles have traditionally approached issues of foreign aid with caution, particularly when it involves nations like Ukraine, and have advocated for a policy of non-interventionism. Speaker Johnson’s forceful promotion of such a package, seemingly at odds with these foundational conservative beliefs, inevitably begs the question of his fidelity to the conservative cause and his willingness to compromise on core values for political expediency.

Khanna’s unexpected alignment with Speaker Johnson exposes a troubling trend within conservative leadership, where the steadfast commitment to conservative principles is often sacrificed in pursuit of personal ambition and political pragmatism. By throwing his support behind Speaker Johnson, Khanna inadvertently highlights the erosion of conservative values within the movement and the growing influence of moderate voices willing to dilute conservative principles for the sake of compromise.

As the debate over Speaker Johnson’s future continues, Khanna’s endorsement serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges facing the conservative movement, torn between its ideological roots and the allure of centrist compromise. Whether Speaker Johnson’s actions will have lasting repercussions for conservative leadership remains uncertain, but Khanna’s endorsement has undoubtedly reignited a fierce debate over the movement’s identity and its commitment to upholding conservative values amidst internal discord and external pressures.



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Nikki Haley Donors Flock to Biden Campaign


In a stunning display of political opportunism and disloyalty, former supporters of Nikki Haley’s Republican primary campaign have shamelessly defected to Joe Biden’s camp as the presidential election looms. This egregious betrayal not only underscores the depth of moral bankruptcy within certain segments of the GOP but also highlights the duplicitous nature of individuals willing to sacrifice their conservative values for personal gain.

With Donald Trump securing the GOP nomination for November’s presidential election, the stage is set for a fiery rematch between the incumbent Biden and the formidable Trump. However, the Machiavellian maneuvers of former Haley donors reveal a troubling trend of self-serving treachery within the Republican Party.

Haley, once touted as a rising star within the conservative movement, suspended her primary campaign earlier this month following Super Tuesday. Yet, rather than rallying behind the Republican nominee, some of her erstwhile backers have shamelessly switched their allegiance to Biden, driven by a toxic combination of ego and ambition.

Media mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg, along with other prominent donors who had previously supported Haley, have now pledged their support to Biden, betraying not only their former candidate but also the core principles of conservatism. Their actions demonstrate a callous disregard for the values of limited government, individual liberty, and fiscal responsibility that define the Republican Party.

Rufus Gifford, Biden’s campaign finance chair, has openly admitted to actively courting Haley supporters to join the Democratic cause. This brazen attempt to poach conservative donors underscores the cynicism and opportunism that pervade Biden’s campaign, as he seeks to exploit divisions within the GOP for his own political gain.

While Biden may hypocritically extend an olive branch to Haley supporters, his true intentions are clear: to co-opt and neutralize any opposition to his radical agenda of socialist policies and big government intervention. Those who align themselves with Biden are not only betraying their former candidate but also betraying the conservative movement and the millions of Americans who stand for freedom and prosperity.

In contrast, President Trump has made it abundantly clear that there is no room for turncoats within the MAGA movement. His steadfast commitment to America-first policies and conservative principles has earned him the loyalty and support of millions of patriotic Americans who refuse to compromise their values for political expediency.

As the battle lines are drawn for the upcoming election, conservatives must remain vigilant against the insidious influence of traitors within their own ranks. Nikki Haley’s turncoats may seek to undermine the conservative movement, but they will ultimately be remembered as opportunists who sold their souls for a fleeting moment of political relevance.

In the words of President Trump, “We don’t want them, and will not accept them.” It is time for true conservatives to stand united behind the only candidate capable of defending our values and leading our nation forward: Donald J. Trump. Anything less would be a betrayal of everything we hold dear as Americans.

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Democrats Try to Block “Sarah’s Law” From Protecting Americans

Senator Joni Ernst, a Republican from Iowa, encountered fierce resistance from Democratic lawmakers as she made a determined effort to advance Sarah’s Law, a vital piece of legislation aimed at detaining illegal immigrants who commit violent crimes, in a bid to prevent harrowing tragedies like those of Sarah Root and Laken Riley.

Ernst’s proposal, Sarah’s Law, demands that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detain illegal immigrants charged with causing death or serious injury to others. The heart-wrenching case of Sarah Root, a 21-year-old from Iowa whose life was tragically cut short by a drunk driver who was in the country illegally, Edwin Mejia, serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for such legislation. Despite Mejia’s extensive record of driving offenses and evasion of court proceedings, ICE, citing Obama-era immigration enforcement guidelines, callously declined to detain him.

The recent devastating loss of Laken Riley, a 22-year-old nursing student from the University of Georgia, purportedly at the hands of another illegal immigrant, Jose Ibarra, has reignited fervent calls for the enactment of Sarah’s Law. Ibarra faces grave charges, including malice murder and felony murder. The refusal to detain individuals like Ibarra epitomizes the callous disregard for public safety that permeates the current immigration system, leaving innocent lives hanging in the balance.

Ernst’s impassioned plea for unanimous consent to propel Sarah’s Law forward was met with vehement opposition from Majority Whip Dick Durbin, a Democrat from Illinois. Durbin adamantly raised concerns, contending that the bill could inadvertently ensnare victims of trafficking or domestic abuse and trample upon immigrants’ due process rights.

Critics of Sarah’s Law, predominantly Democrats, contend that it might not have averted Riley’s tragic demise, given that Ibarra’s criminal record did not include prior incidents involving death or injury. However, Ernst steadfastly maintains that the prevailing immigration policies, including the notorious “catch and release” practice, perpetuate a climate of impunity, allowing potentially dangerous individuals to roam freely within the country’s borders.

Despite the setback in the Senate, the push for robust immigration enforcement and the enactment of measures like Sarah’s Law continues to encounter fierce opposition from Democratic quarters. The palpable divide underscores the deep-seated ideological chasm regarding immigration reform, intensifying the urgency for decisive action to safeguard the lives and well-being of American citizens.

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