Another RINO Turns on Trump Over Jan. 6th [WATCH]

Another RINO followed the path of Bill Barr, Liz Cheney, and Adam Kinzinger recently, going full-bore anti-Trump over the trespass in the Capitol on January 6th and ridiculously claiming that that trespass event means he will not ever support Trump again.

That RINO would be Rep. Don Bacon of Nebraska, a state about as ruby red as Cheney’s Wyoming, something that makes his RINO tendencies almost as surprising as hers.

In any case, he appeared on Meet the Press on Sunday the 12th and attacked Trump, as you can watch below:

First, during his Meet the Press appearance, Rep. Bacon gave his impressions of the January 6th Committee, describing it as “staged”, but also intimating that he thinks the goal of the committee is legitimate, just that it should have been handled differently. Speaking on that, he said:

Two things: One, I didn’t hear a lot of new information, but I track the news every day. But there wasn’t a whole lot new news in that presentation. I think most of the information that we had on the attorney general, the President Trump’s daughter, was already out there. I did find it interesting how many people in the White House tried to compel or tell the president that he lost the election. I thought that was interesting.

But by and large, I didn’t hear new information, so that’s one thing. On the other hand, I think the optics of having a producer, everything on teleprompter—it looked so staged. I think a lot of folks see this as really trying to change the dialogue of our country leading into November for the elections.

I think that’s what I hear back home primarily, so we would’ve been much better off with a bipartisan commission, with an equal board, half Republican half Democrat. There would’ve been a timeline of when they had to complete. And there had to be consensus on subpoenas. And I thought we made a mistake on our side of the aisle by opposing that because what we have today is a very stacked deck in the committee. In fact, the Republicans that were appointed were kicked off of the committee, and I think that hurt the legitimacy viewed by many.

Rep. Bacon then, when asked by Chuck Todd about what Liz Cheney said during the hearing and if Trump was guilty of dereliction of duty, said:

Well, Chuck, I actually agree with you. I criticized the president on January 6th and afterwards. He had over three hours where he could’ve gone on TV, or made various statements telling the protesters to stop. I’m all for peaceful protest, but when you’re assaulting police and when you’re vandalizing the Capitol and you’re defecating in the Capitol, which those things happened, it’s wrong.

The president had the opportunity for over three hours to speak up, and I think it was negligence. He should’ve done better. I didn’t care for the way he treated Vice President Pence, I thought that was wrong as well. So I’ve been critical of the president on January 6th and beyond. I thought he should’ve been a better leader in this case

But still that wasn’t all. Chuck Todd then asked Bacon the RINO if what Trump did was criminal and Bacon wouldn’t rule it out, instead saying:

You know, whether it’s criminal or not—I’m not a lawyer or judge—I thought it was wrong. And as a citizen, I think, you know, the American people have to judge this themselves, whether it’s, you know, charging someone for a crime or not, but we have to judge it just from a political standpoint. And I think the American people, by and large, know it was wrong not to intervene and not to say something. We have a duty as citizens, and he had a duty as a president and as leader. I’m a five-time commander in the Air Force. You’ve got to speak up and take charge, and he did not.

Then Rep. Bacon wouldn’t even rule out being willing to indict the former president when asked by Chuck Todd about that, saying:

No, but you know he’s–I look at it this way: He has already left. I think we should be looking more forward on this, but we’ll see what the evidence comes out with in regards to the president. I’d just say what he did was wrong; he should’ve spoke up. When it gets to the legal matters, I’m a little less confident; I’m not a lawyer.

He didn’t say he would indict Trump, but when asked if he would rule out doing so he said “no.” Then came Rep. Bacon saying he wouldn’t support Trump in 2024, saying:

Now, looking at 2024, I think the Republicans should also look forward. We need someone that has conservative policies, but I think we have to acknowledge that the American people don’t like name-calling. They don’t like the rude behavior. They like folks who treat people respectfully. And I think that’s what cost President Trump in 2020. And so we should take that as a lesson. Conservative values with optimism, respectful behavior like President Reagan as an example, I think that’s what we should be embracing.

So yet another RINO has turned on Trump. Hopefully Nebraska voters will now turn on him.

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