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23 Arrested With Domestic Terrorism In Atlanta “Cop City” Protest

23 arrested with terrorism in Atlanta "Cop City" protest

( – More than 20 individuals from around the nation were charged with domestic terrorism on Monday after dozens of attackers wearing black masks assaulted the site of a police training facility that was being built in a forested region outside of Atlanta, where one demonstrator was murdered in January.

The location has developed into a hotspot of constant tension between the government and left-leaning demonstrators who have banded together to voice their support for various issues.

These include those opposed to the militarization of law enforcement, those working to conserve the environment, and those opposed to businesses they believe are contributing to the project’s funding by donating to a police foundation.

In “Cop City,” where environmental activist Manuel Esteban Paez Terán, also known as “Tortuguita,” was shot and killed by police in January during a raid on a protest camp, protesters threw rocks and flaming bottles at police on Sunday.

Several activists have disputed the police’s claim that Tortuguita attacked them.

One is from Canada, and two are from France. Still, most of the 23 persons detained are Americans, according to police on Monday.

Friends and relatives stated Tortuguita was committed to protecting the environment, contrasting with Atlanta’s plans to construct a $90 million Atlanta Public Safety Training Center to increase readiness and morale following George Floyd’s passing in 2020.

Authorities and youth are now involved in a confrontation that doesn’t seem connected to previous well-publicized crises.

Young, self-described anarchists seeking confrontations with what they see as an unfair society are among the protesters who oppose what critics call “Police City,” as do more conventional environmentalists.

Members of the movement’s social media network, Defend the Atlanta Forest, stated on Twitter on Monday that those detained were “peaceful concert-goers who were nowhere near the rally,” not aggressive agitators.

A public relations company participating in the group’s activities responded through a spokesperson that it could only respond after some time.

Following the death of “Tortuguita” in January, protests expanded to Atlanta’s downtown. In a tower that houses the Atlanta Police Foundation, pyrotechnics, rocks, and a police vehicle were all fired – windows had been broken and astate of emergency was announced by the governor.

The Atlanta Public Safety Training Center site in DeKalb County was the target of what Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum described as “a concerted attack” on Sunday when pieces of construction equipment were set ablaze.

Police have released surveillance footage that shows a piece of large machinery on fire. Many other items of construction equipment were also damaged, according to authorities.

According to law enforcement, protesters also hurled pyrotechnics, Molotov cocktails, rocks, and stones at the police.

The Georgia Department of Public Safety reported Monday that protesters also tried to dazzle police by flashing green lasers into their eyes and blocking a road with tires and other objects.

According to Schierbaum, officers employed nonlethal tactics to break up the crowd and make arrests, inflicting “some mild pain.”

The training facility would have classrooms and office buildings, a shooting range, a driving course for chasing scenarios, and a “burn building” where firemen could practice putting out fires.

A “mock village” with a phony residence, convenience store, and nightclub would also be constructed for practicing raids.

The 85-acre (34-hectare) training complex would need to have a significant number of trees chopped down, according to opponents, who claim it would have a negative environmental impact.

In a city with one of the most significant levels of inequality in the country, many activists also reject spending millions on a police complex that would be bordered by impoverished communities.

The leaders of Color Of Change, a civil rights organization collaborating with Atlanta activists, claim that the facility will only adversely affect Black neighborhoods due to the rising militarization of local enforcement.

Rashad Robinson, president of Color of Change, told the AP over the phone on Monday that “this simply takes up a lot of space in a Black community” and gives an institution greater access, resources, and skills while requiring more accountability.

According to Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens, the area was cleared for a former state prison farm decades ago. He claims that it is overrun with alien species instead of hardwood trees and covered in debris.

The complex will be erected on 85 acres. At the same time, the remaining 300 will be conserved as public green space, according to the mayor.

Several people who have previously been charged with violent crimes in connection with the protests at the training site are now facing domestic terrorism charges, a crime carrying a maximum sentence of 35 years in jail.

Several people have criticized the state for being overbearing in response to these accusations.

Domestic terrorism may be labeled as a significant violent offense by legislators. This implies that anyone found guilty must complete their sentence, cannot get probation as a first-time offender, and cannot be released from jail until they have served at least 30 years.

Police said Monday that further protests are scheduled over the upcoming days.

This is a developing story.

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Former Democrat Tops NH Trump VP Poll


In an electrifying and unexpected development, a new poll from the University of New Hampshire Survey Center reveals that former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii tops the list of preferred running mates for former President Donald Trump. This strategic choice underscores Trump’s commitment to broadening his appeal and strengthening his base with an unconventional but highly effective candidate.

Tulsi Gabbard, who initially ran for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, courageously left her party two years later to become an independent. Now, she emerges as the favorite among nearly a quarter (24%) of New Hampshire voters who are not supporting President Biden. Gabbard’s ability to connect with a diverse electorate and her staunch opposition to the far-left agenda make her a powerful ally for Trump.

Gabbard’s support stands seven points ahead of biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, indicating a strong preference for Gabbard’s unique blend of political independence and principled leadership. This shows that voters are looking for leaders who are willing to stand up against the establishment and fight for American values.

Ramaswamy, along with other notable figures like Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, have endorsed Trump, yet Gabbard’s lead suggests a deeper resonance with voters seeking a fresh and unifying voice. Her conservative principles, military background, and dedication to freedom and the Constitution make her an ideal running mate for Trump.

Trump’s consideration of Gabbard is a testament to his strategic thinking and commitment to broadening his appeal. Gabbard, a veteran of the Iraq War and an officer in the Hawaii National Guard, brings a wealth of experience and a compelling personal story as the first Samoan-American elected to Congress. Her transition from a progressive Democrat to an independent has been marked by her steadfast dedication to fundamental freedoms, resonating with many conservatives who feel disenfranchised by the current political climate.

In a Fox News town hall in February, Trump hinted that Gabbard was on his short list for running mates. Her praise for Trump, acknowledging his resilience and willingness to fight against the Washington establishment, underscores a shared commitment to challenging the status quo and defending American values against the encroachment of socialism and government overreach.

Gabbard’s familiarity with New Hampshire, a crucial swing state, adds another layer of strategic advantage. Her presence in the state during her 2020 presidential run and her support for Republican candidates in 2022 have cemented her popularity among voters who are tired of the same old politics and crave genuine change.

By considering Gabbard as a running mate, Trump demonstrates his ability to think outside traditional party lines and appeal to a broader coalition. This bold move could be the key to uniting the nation behind his campaign, bringing together a diverse group of voters eager for a leader who prioritizes American values and freedoms.

As the 2024 election approaches, the prospect of a Trump-Gabbard ticket promises an exciting and dynamic campaign. This powerful combination of leadership, experience, and dedication to conservative principles is poised to capture the imagination and support of Americans from all walks of life, ensuring a strong and united front against the progressive agenda threatening our nation’s future.


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Rubio Comes Out For Mass Deportations


In a powerful and assertive appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) voiced strong support for former President Donald Trump’s commitment to mass deportation, calling for dramatic action to address the escalating illegal immigration crisis. Rubio’s remarks come at a critical juncture as many conservatives believe the unchecked influx of illegal immigrants threatens the very fabric of American society.

Responding to host Kristen Welker’s query about Trump’s proposed migrant detention camps and plans for deporting over 11 million undocumented immigrants, Rubio underscored the necessity of such measures, stating that the actual numbers have surged far beyond past estimates. “Eleven million, that was the number ten years ago. We’re talking upwards of 25 to 30 million,” Rubio declared, highlighting the severe underestimation of the crisis by prior administrations and the urgent need to address the reality on the ground.

“The answer to your question is yes,” Rubio affirmed. “We cannot absorb 25, 30 million people who entered this country illegally. What country on earth would tolerate that? We don’t even know who most of these people are.” Rubio’s remarks underscore the critical importance of national security and the impracticality of vetting individuals from nations with unreliable documentation systems. He pointed out that many of these individuals are coming from countries where there is no reliable way to ascertain their backgrounds, posing significant risks to the safety and security of American citizens.

Rubio continued, “Unfortunately, we’ll have to do something dramatic to remove people from this country that are here illegally, especially people we know nothing about. Ten million, 11 million was the number 15 years ago. Today, it’s upwards of 25, 30 million, maybe more.” This stark depiction of the situation reflects a deep frustration with the federal government’s failure to enforce immigration laws and protect the nation’s borders.

The Senator’s call for action is a rallying cry for those who view the current situation not as mere immigration but as a “mass migration” and “invasion.” “This is not immigration. You asked me about immigration. This is mass migration, mass migration. This an invasion of the country, and it needs to be dealt with dramatically,” Rubio asserted. His use of such strong language underscores the urgency and gravity with which he and his supporters view the issue.

From a conservative perspective, the influx of illegal immigrants represents not only a breach of national sovereignty but also a direct threat to the economic and social stability of the country. Many argue that illegal immigrants take jobs away from American citizens, drain public resources, and increase crime rates. Rubio’s stance resonates with a significant portion of the American electorate who are increasingly alarmed by these impacts.

Rubio’s statements also reflect a broader conservative sentiment that the U.S. must regain control of its borders to preserve the nation’s identity and values. The proposed mass deportation plan represents a dramatic shift towards stricter enforcement policies that prioritize the sovereignty and safety of American citizens above all else. Rubio and his supporters argue that the rule of law must be restored and that illegal immigrants must face the consequences of their actions.

Rubio’s supporters herald him as a bold and necessary voice in the Senate, willing to tackle one of America’s most pressing issues head-on. They praise his unwavering commitment to securing the borders and protecting American jobs and resources from the strain of illegal immigration. Many conservatives view Rubio as a champion of the rule of law and a defender of American sovereignty, seeing his strong stance on immigration as essential to the nation’s future.

With the 2024 elections approaching, Rubio’s staunch stance on immigration is likely to play a pivotal role in shaping the Republican platform. His alignment with Trump’s hardline policies signals a continued commitment to addressing what many conservatives view as one of the most pressing challenges facing the nation today. As the debate over immigration heats up, Rubio’s call for dramatic action will undoubtedly galvanize those who believe that the time for half-measures and leniency has long passed. The future of America, they argue, depends on decisive and unwavering action to secure its borders and uphold the rule of law.

Rubio’s clear and uncompromising position on illegal immigration is a beacon of hope for many who feel that their concerns have been ignored for too long. His advocacy for mass deportation and stringent border control measures reassures his base that he is committed to protecting the American way of life. As the nation prepares for the 2024 elections, Rubio’s vision for a secure and sovereign America will likely inspire and mobilize voters who demand robust action against the illegal immigration crisis.


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Radical Dems Go to Bat for Traitor Johnson Over Ukraine


In a recent appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” Representative Ro Khanna (D-CA) sparked controversy with his unexpected declaration of support for House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), despite glaring ideological disparities. Khanna’s surprising endorsement emerged in the aftermath of Speaker Johnson’s contentious facilitation of a foreign aid package, which included provisions for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, and passed through Congress under his guidance.

During his conversation with host Jonathan Karl, Khanna’s remarks seemed to laud Speaker Johnson’s leadership, citing vague notions of civility and procedural fairness. However, this endorsement from a Democratic representative inevitably raises doubts about Speaker Johnson’s commitment to conservative principles and his integrity as a leader within the conservative movement.

Conservative circles have traditionally approached issues of foreign aid with caution, particularly when it involves nations like Ukraine, and have advocated for a policy of non-interventionism. Speaker Johnson’s forceful promotion of such a package, seemingly at odds with these foundational conservative beliefs, inevitably begs the question of his fidelity to the conservative cause and his willingness to compromise on core values for political expediency.

Khanna’s unexpected alignment with Speaker Johnson exposes a troubling trend within conservative leadership, where the steadfast commitment to conservative principles is often sacrificed in pursuit of personal ambition and political pragmatism. By throwing his support behind Speaker Johnson, Khanna inadvertently highlights the erosion of conservative values within the movement and the growing influence of moderate voices willing to dilute conservative principles for the sake of compromise.

As the debate over Speaker Johnson’s future continues, Khanna’s endorsement serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges facing the conservative movement, torn between its ideological roots and the allure of centrist compromise. Whether Speaker Johnson’s actions will have lasting repercussions for conservative leadership remains uncertain, but Khanna’s endorsement has undoubtedly reignited a fierce debate over the movement’s identity and its commitment to upholding conservative values amidst internal discord and external pressures.



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