12 Suspected Terrorists Caught at The Border While The Bias Media Watches on

As Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis announced that he would continue in his relocation efforts of the immigrants being forced into his city, there were reports that the president’s territory would be receiving new immigrants guests.

Reports circulating was that the governor would send the immigrants to Biden’s doorstep this time as he would drop them off at a local airport in Delaware, which is close to Biden’s residence.

Following this information, far-left media and liberals who wanted to witness the event to get inspiration on what words would be used to describe the governor moving forward all flocked to the drop-off location.

Since the Floridian governor began his relocation efforts to protect his state, the liberal media have accused him of a truckload of offenses. Some said he was committing a crime against humanity and even accused him of human trafficking. Other more creative leftists accused DeSantis of being a Nazi as they claimed that the Nazis did the same thing DeSantis was doing to protect his state. They also added that the governor used the same terminology used by the Nazis.

Unfortunately for the faction who had gathered at the supposed drop-off location in Georgetown on Tuesday, they could not complete their mission and only wasted their efforts. The plane they expected to see that day did not land in Delaware. Moreso, it was not carrying any immigrants.

Far left media, NBC News, reported that no plane arrived at Delaware but landed at Teterboro in New Jersey instead, and the aircraft was not carrying any immigrant passengers.

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NBC News reported, “Earlier in the day, DeSantis stoked the coals of speculation by declining to confirm or deny whether the plane would even take off — his administration later refused to say if the plane that landed in New Jersey was part of his program to relocate migrants — in an intentional effort to keep the issue alive.”

The airport on Tuesday was filled with different leftists who were ready to take action and troll the Floridian governor for the rest of the year for supposed trafficking. However, it is ironic how these people fail to show the same energy in traveling down to the border where there was actually information worth sharing.

In August, Customs and Border Protection apprehended 12 people listed as terrorists on the FBI’s screening database. All these arrested terrorists were trying to get into the country through the border Biden had carelessly left open.

Fox News reported, “new data released by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) this week show that there were 12 individuals encountered by Border Patrol between ports of entry at the border whose names matched on the TSDB – which contains information about the identities of those who are known or ‘reasonably suspected’ of being involved in terrorist activities.”

In 2022 alone, over two million aliens have been apprehended at the border. This number is expected to increase significantly before the end of the year. Possibly, several terrorists have found their way into the country already, as almost one million immigrants have evaded capture.

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12 Suspected Terrorists Caught at The Border While The Bias Media Watches on is written by Abdul for trendingpolitics.com