Herbs To Grow For Tea And Other Uses


Herbs to grow for tea and other uses are one of nature’s bountiful gifts to us. Herbal teas are usually powerful, and in SHTF situations, they become even more essential due to their positive contributions to several health conditions. With herbal teas, there’s a reduced need for prescriptions. Remember that these plants are not meant for tea only; there are several other uses for them.

Let’s look at five herbs to grow in your garden today, especially as they are easy to cultivate.

5 Herbs To Grow And Other Uses




Lavender oil has a reputation for its soothing, calming effects; where do you think it got that? The lavender plant is an excellent medicine in the wild, thanks to many antioxidants & other nutrients that it contains. The tea has a scent that relaxes the mind and eases anxiety. Common benefits of lavender are maintaining balanced emotions, healing wounds, tackling headaches & soothing a stressed-out mind.

Another nice way to use lavender is to rub its flowers in your hands in order to serve as a calming agent for scrapes & bug bites. You can as well mix the flower oil with an ointment & apply topically to skin. This plant is best grown in regions with drained soil & full sun.



Mint has several first-aid benefits, such as calming stomach aches, relieving headaches & clearing brain fog. It is obvious that tea made from mint is a powerful tonic. This aside, mint is stimulating and invigorating and helps to improve awareness and remain focused, both of which are essential to survive the wilderness. Mint is also a potent insect repellent.

Mint is amazingly easy to grow. All it requires is some sun & moist soil. 



Tea made from sage is really powerful, thanks to the antiseptics properties of the plant. It is often useful in the treatment of canker stores, mouth ulcers & sore throats. It also has some uplifting qualities, so it can provide an emotional boost if you are anxious or depressed. Cognitive function is improved as well. To use, try out with stevia or some honey. For optimal growth, water the sage regularly.



Chamomile has its reputation. When made as tea, the herb is quite beneficial in attending to anxiety, relieving stress & improving sleep. Applying the chamomile topically will also provide relief from skin irritation. The plant grows best in wet, sandy soil with great sunshine.

Lemon Verbena


When steeped in hot water, Lemon Verbena is made into a strong tea that is remarkably effective in treating respiratory & digestive issues. The plant is also a mood enhancer and positively influences your emotions. As long as there is a lot of sunshine, growing verbena is straightforward. Remember to take the plant indoors when there’s cold.

Concluding The Herbs to Grow For Tea And Other Uses


Herbs to grow for tea and other uses are quite a few but fortunately easy to prepare. For little effort, you can plant and make yields from them. They will be useful to face emergencies; thank heavens that the herbal stash is usually portable. You’ll be glad that you have this stash when SHTF.


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