Why Is A Glock The Weapon Of Choice Amongst Law Enforcement?

The Glock, named after the engineer Gaston Glock, has proven to be the choice of backup weapon for both police officers and security guards for decades.  But, why is the Glock their preferred weapon of choice?  Law enforcement chooses this handgun style for the same reason that many gun owners do: safety, reliability, and just general affordability.  Many features of the Glock makes it a desirable weapon. 


The Glock is known for its ability to handle situations at a long distance.  Many officers, when trained with the Glock, are happy with the accuracy this weapon provides them.  It is also a favorite amongst those individuals with little shooting experience.  With fifteen rounds in its magazine, the Glock offers more firepower than the usual six rounds of most handguns.  The trigger is also easier to pull, which goes a long way toward improving accuracy amongst its users.

Affordable Modification

Law enforcement officers require a weapon that not only protects them but modifiable to their specifications.  The Glock is extremely affordable by comparison.  Modifications may include sites for additional accuracy, grips for added stability, and the addition of magazines for more rounds.


To stay within their budget, the US legal system wants its officers to carry a weapon that will not take them a lot of costs to maintain.  The Glock is the perfect weapon for this, as it is highly durable, and made of a polymer that will not dent or crack.

Ease Of Cleaning

When the time comes to clean this gun, it is simple to take apart.  The disassembling of the weapon takes about a minute, and the cleaning takes just a few minutes more.  Compared to other semi-automatic pistols, the Glock “Safe Action” has a total of 34 parts.  There is also the extra added convenience that the pieces on a Glock are interchangeable. 


When an officer is placed in a situation where they are required to use their weapon, that situation can quickly escalate if the officer fires his gun and it jams.  The Glock is less likely to jam due to its high quality of craftsmanship and build.  Officers know that the Glock is a gun that can be trusted, and peace of mind comes with that knowledge.  The weapon has the reliability of the occurrence of little to no malfunction.


Compared to a pistol made of steel, a polymer Glock G-19, with a fully loaded magazine, weighs in at only 30.18 ounces.

Civilians Love The Glock As Well

With the world we live in today, many civilians are turning to the Glock.  As a society, the constant reminders around us that others have weapons and are looking to terrorize Americans make the Glock one of the most sought after guns.  Consider this weapon for your collection, whether it be for personal protection or an enjoyable day on the shooting range.