Shooting From A Girl’s Perspective

Shooting From A Girl's Perspective

Shooting from a Girl’s Perspective is an article about this day and age and showing that owning a gun is not just for men. I’m a conservative woman in 2020. A lot has changed over the years. Before owing my first gun, I made sure my mindset was right. I took the right training courses and got my CCW (concealed carry weapon permit). Part of my practice is training with my gun often, keeping a record of when I go shooting is also important. I don’t just own a gun, I love shooting it. 

The Stigma 

If owning a gun isn’t enough, the stigma of girls can’t shoot still exists. The days when girls can’t own or shoot a gun are over. With practice and persistence, your aim and consistency gets better. Stick with it and soon you too will be shooting better than average. Knowing how to shoot a gun and feeling comfortable carrying is empowering as a girl. 


Make sure you do your research for a CCW in the state where you live. It is quite different from state to state. Be prepared and know it will take months for your background check and paperwork to be processed. Once it does, be thinking about which type of holster or holder you would like. Go online and see reviews, check out options in stores and by all means, try one on. 

Choosing Your Gun

Choosing your gun is very important, it’s not all about the look, but the feel. Girls tend to have smaller hands than guys, so look around and try them out before you buy. You want to make sure it feels comfortable in your hand. If you plan to conceal, size does matter. Make sure you practice drawing from your waist, pocket and handbag to see which way you like to carry. At one point, I thought I wanted a smaller, 380 purple gun. It was not comfortable in my hand and it kept sticking and I did not feel confident shooting it. My gun of choice is a Smith and Wesson 9mm. 


Our favorite site for choosing your best clothing for when you go shooting is Girls with GunsWhether you are dressing for work, concealed casual or going out to hunt, this website has many options for you. When picking your clothing, make sure to get a size larger than you wear so you can conceal comfortably. There are many ways you can conceal, so go with clothing that hides your gun the best for you. 

Shooting From a Girl’s Perspective illustrates we are a force to be reckoned with; feeling strong and confident. Go out there and have the courage to shoot, carry and radiate. At the end of the day, what really matters is you feel confident in carrying and shooting your gun and you feel comfortable shooting and conceal carrying your weapon?