Military Tactics to Win a Gunfight

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Military Tactics to Win a Gunfight — Part II


Having previously looked at some military tactics to win a gunfight, let’s look at more. 

As much as your weapon & ammo matter in a shootout, several other things matter too. This would include your training, experience & tactics — the last which I believe is a product of the first two. A kid in his first gunfight would probably be shot within 5 minutes — and that’s huge for him. On the other hand, a veteran who’s been to wars is sure to have various strategies for staying alive when the battle starts.

This is the obvious truth but not necessarily the mandatory truth. The purpose of this article & the one before it, is to teach you the essential tactics to employ when you find yourself in a shootout. This way, you’re not mandated to fight several wars before gaining helpful tactics.

Off we go.

3 Military Tactics to Win a Gunfight


Avoid Being a Rabbit


A rabbit among the grass is one of the easiest targets to kill. It bends its head to eat, pops back up its head & bends it again. You reach someone & say, “there’s a rabbit to your right,” and in some moments, the rabbit is sure to pop up its head in the precise spot you saw it earlier. If you were that rabbit in a gunfight, you’d be dead before you realized.

So, while in a gunfight, if you have to shoot at a running person, discharge a shot at their last seen place to let him believe he’s fooled you. Then, be ready to blast off his head wherever else he pops up. The same principle applies to you. As soon as you hide so your enemy stops seeing you, move a few meters from there before showing yourself again. Your movement has to be lateral to the enemy. 

Be Quick & Aggressive — Yet Calculative


Quickly do a mental assessment of the animals that rule the wild. All those topping the food chain (that I can think of now) are fast & aggressive with their attacks, but they do not neglect their sense or reasoning too. So, whenever attacking or retreating, I am recommending that you show some quick feet & aggression. 

Bullets move very fast & you being all slow would be to see the cheetah preying on a goat. Pretty unfair. You have to move very quickly too. If you ever find yourself in a real shootout, your first line of defense is your quickness, aggression & confidence. But remember, do not let go of your calculations.

Plan Thoroughly — Like it’s the last thing you’d do


For real, it could be your last act. Getting a bullet to the head or chest is no field trip, and it’s an obvious death. So, what’s the recommendation: plan, plan & plan.

Planning could be to fire a few probing shots at your enemy’s direction to find out his exact location & his caliber of a gun or to cover your buddy while he runs a flank. Whatever it is, you need a plan & a backup plan (if that fails) & a second backup plan (if both fail). Keep in mind that there are plenty of tactics to employ when in a gunfight. A major influencer of your plans is your environment, although each location has its weaknesses too.

You have to be in the right state of mind, and I’m not asking you not to be afraid. In fact, fear is an excellent motivator. However, even if scared, maintain a level of clarity that will help you make plans to survive until another day. 

Concluding The Military Tactics to Win a Gunfight


There are few other military tactics to win a gunfight, such as the OODA Loop & being fit for the shootout. By the way, you’re not sure of when a gun will be pulled on you, so keep your Glock loaded & ready to fire as you leave home. Go for more practice until you’re outstanding.