Which Is Better For You, An Indoor Shooting Range Or An Outdoor Range?

When making the critical decision about where you will perform your shooting, you will have two choices—an indoor shooting range or an outdoor shooting range. Most shooters will tell you they have a preference of one over the other, while others will state that it depends on the circumstances and the purposes.

Each type of range has benefits and drawbacks.  The most important take away here is to find the range that appeals to and suits your needs so that you will get the most out of your shooting time.

Indoor—Handgun Practice

When choosing to use an indoor shooting range, shooting indoors is usually reserved for pistols.  There are those indoor ranges that will allow the use of long guns with most, handguns are the main focus.

The primary benefit of using an indoor gun range is that of the elements.  You have the option of shooting there any time of year, during any weather—365 days a year.  There is no light or wind to interfere with your shooting making an indoor range the ideal choice to judge one’s shooting accuracy.

Outdoor Range—Fresh Air

As mentioned above, the use of an indoor range offers the benefits of a more climate-controlled and stable environment in which to shoot.  There are those shooters who feel that the outdoor range offers an extensive range of versatility.

Outdoor range

s are, by their nature, at the mercy of the weather and seasons.  Many are closed during the colder winter months adding to a lack of availability.  However, the outdoor range has some versatility.  Like most indoor ranges, there is the permitting of the shooting of handguns.  Unlike indoor ranges, though, there is the convenience of long gun shooting as well.  Some ranges also allow skeet shooting.

Variety Of Ranges

Shooting ranges can be very diverse—with some being private and others being public.  The environment of a private shooting range is more likely to present with a more sterile environment, with requirements as well as rules and regulations that are require following.  Private ranges may also provide a range officer, making sure that the area and its users are kept safe.

Public ranges present as a small pit with the side of a hill for your shooting.  This concept offers a large, open space for most types of target shooting.  Public ranges, as a rule, do not provide range officers on site, so the responsibility for being safe and courteous is on the shoulders of those using the range.

Very much like any hobby that one takes on, there will be a period of learning what does and doesn’t work when it comes to which type of shooting range you choose to use.  There are no hard and fast rules that you can only use one type of range or another.  You may want to use an indoor range in the winter months, and an outdoor range in the summer months.  Do your research and know which range, indoor or outdoor, will most benefit your shooting needs.