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5 Handguns You Want to Own

“Guns are the golden ornaments of this century.”

The firearms trade has witnessed a remarkable growth in the last hundred years. Thousands of guns are now assembled monthly just to meet the constant needs of this gun-crazed generation. 

So, how do you choose the very best handguns out of the overwhelming offers you come across every day?

Some of the best handguns worldwide have been in production for over a hundred years, while some are barely above a decade old. What they all share is their excellent quality. Every handgun on this list is the perfect fit for a specific purpose, but also good for most anyone’s collection.

Going all out on an offense? Check! 

Defending yourself or home against attacks or intrusion? Check!

A police officer’s trigger? Check!

All checked…

There is hardly a purpose the handguns below will not fulfill.

5. The CZ 75

First introduced in 1975, this Czechoslovakian steel was modeled on the Browning Hi-Power and hence shared striking similarities with the latter, although there are distinctive features. It might amaze you to know that the CZ 75 had a carrying capacity of 16 rounds as far back as 1975.

For one or two reasons, however, the CZ 75 remained in oblivion until the Wall of Berlin fell in 1989. But upon rising to prominence, it was easy to see the uniqueness of this handgun, notably its carrying capacity mentioned already. 

Today, the CZ 75 has been upgraded to the CZ 75 BD, a world-class firearm featuring a de-cocking lever, firing pin safety, and under-barrel accessory rail. You can as well use any of the available variants with a wide range of averagely sized handgun calibers. 

4. The Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm

Previously known for its excellent rifles, one of the oldest manufacturers in the US made its entrance into the handgun division with the Glock-modeled M&P, fully called Military Police. 

First, that the M&P was produced in 2005, barely 15 years ago, yet makes this list is a statement of its impressiveness. The Military Police was one of the earliest to enable users to grip their guns more comfortably as it comes with three interchangeable palm swells. What else, the M&P could be used by either a right or left-hander as it features an ambidextrous magazine and slide stop.  Lest I forget, you could disassemble the M&P without pushing any button.

Mostly used by modern police forces across the globe, the M&P is available in different pistol calibers, ranging from 9mm and 357 Sigma to 0.40 S&W and 0.45 ACP. 

3. The Sig P226

Originally intended to replace the M1991A1 by Sig Sauer, a Swiss-German partnership, the Sig became a household name when the US Navy Seals chose it over the Beretta M9. Sig P226 is often referred to as an upgrade to the P220. 

The Sig P226 is chiefly famous for its double-action feature that allows a long single pull of the trigger to cock the pistol and discharge the firing pin. This was different from the traditional single-action method that required users to first manually cock the pistol before pulling the trigger to fire the shot. And although the Sig could be operated in the latter mode as well, the former was the reason behind its success.

The US Navy Seals used the P226 reliably for 28 years before eventually replacing it with the Glock 19; a pistol few handguns can rival.

2. The Colt M1911A1

An all-time favorite! First introduced in 1911, the Colt was designed by the superb John Moses Browning as a replacement for the weaker 0.38 caliber pistols majorly being used by the US Army, most notably during the Philippine Insurrection. And what a replacement it turned out to be!

The US Army discarded military revolvers for good the same year, as this classic was the first semi automatic handgun they used. When it was first produced, 1911 could only hold seven rounds and weighed 2.4 pounds. Upgrades were made in 1924, although the focus was mainly on appearance and handling.

To most, the mechanisms of this Colt are complicated, especially when you use modern handguns as the measuring criteria, yet, it has remained widely in use across the world. The purposefulness and acceptance of this handgun have caused nearly 80% of the major firearm manufacturers in America to release their respective versions over the years.

The US Marine Corps Marine Special Ops Command used the Colt M45A1 (an upgrade to Colt M1911A) as its standard handgun in 2012.

1. Glock 17

There’s a joke that everyone’s grandma knows a Glock 17. Funny, but not far from the truth. The Glock 17 is a timeless masterpiece that has remained highly relevant since its release in 1982.

The Glock 17 was manufactured based on three key points: simplicity, ease of use, and reliability. There appears never to have been a perfect production. There’s a marvel to how easy it is to use the Glock 17. To take apart, a simple button press ejects the slide, thereby granting you easy access to the barrel. To shoot, the trigger is ever raring to go. 

As per reliability, the Glock smashed previous records and expectations when put through reliability tests of the Australian Army. Would you believe that a gun jammed just twice in 10, 000 firings? Well, the Glock did only once. The pistol’s ability to act as a natural extension to the user’s hand-and-eye coordination helps to improve accuracy. 

The Glock 17 has undergone significant upgrades over the years. Formerly able to hold just 17 rounds of 9mms, the gun has been adjusted to work with all semiautomatic caliber types, including the 0.45 ACP. 

Glock 17 is the current standard handgun of the US Army’s Delta Force and the Marine Corps Marine Special Ops. 


There’s no arguing the fact there are dozens of handguns that meet specifications just as the five I’ve mentioned above. A good example is the ambidextrous FNX-45. However, one cannot doubt the quality of these guns. They have been in use for so long and are tested and trusted. 


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Historic! New Poll Records HIGHEST Level of Gun Ownership in America

Historic! New Poll Records HIGHEST Level of Gun Ownership in America

( – According to an NBC News survey done between November 10–14, 2023, 52% of Americans claim to own a gun, either themselves or someone else in their home.

According to NBC News, this is the most significant percentage of gun ownership they have ever seen in a poll.

According to data in 2013, 42% of Americans were gun owners. In 2019, 46% of Americans reported that they, or a household member, was a gun owner.

Currently, 52% of the population is affected.

Furthermore, over the years of polling, the percentage of Democrats who possess guns has also climbed.

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When asked if they or anybody in their home had a gun in 2004, 33% of Democrats replied they did. Forty-one percent of Democrats acknowledged owning a gun in 2023.

With 41% of Independents stating in 2004 that they or someone in their family had a gun and 45% saying the same in 2023, Independents have stayed relatively stable. (Independents who stated they owned a gun rose to 49% in 2013.)

According to a Harvard/Harris poll, six out of ten respondents stated that having a gun helps one defend themselves against criminals.

The absence of law and order has made Joe Biden a great gun salesman.

The New Pro-Gun Generation

Copyright 2023.

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Nashville Covenant School Trans Shooter’s Manifesto LEAKED!

Nashville Covenant School Trans Shooter’s Manifesto LEAKED!

( – During a phone call on Monday morning, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) refused to confirm if the alleged leaked pages from the Nashville shooter’s manifesto were authentic.

The suicide note, 19 diaries, and other artifacts that the transgender suspect in the Nashville Christian school massacre is suspected of leaving behind have all been withheld from the public.

28-year-old Audrey Elizabeth Hale, a transgender former student, murdered three 9-year-olds and three adults last month in a mass shooting at the school.

Hale fired off 152 rounds during the targeted attack at the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee.

The attack appears to be a deadly hate crime by a deranged trans shooter against Christian Americans.

The media has largely ignored the attack that resulted in six deaths, including three children.

The local authorities and FBI refused to release the manifesto to the public following the mass shooting by Hale in March.

Law enforcement officials were allegedly informed by TBI Director David Rausch in April 2023 that “the killer did not write about specific political, religious, or social issues” in these documents.

Numerous regional publications have verified the photos that Crowder released.

Phil Williams of News Channel 5 criticized the article, referring to it as a “selective leak of three pages.”

According to The Tennessee Star, “sources in the Tennessee General Assembly who were allowed to view the Covenant Killer Manifesto by the Metro Nashville Police Department” provided independent confirmation of the photos.

Copyright 2023.

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7th Circuit Court Rules AR-15s NOT Protected by 2nd Amendment

7th Circuit Court Rules AR-15s NOT Protected by 2nd Amendment

( – The United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, a three-judge panel, ruled on Friday that AR-15s are not protected by the Second Amendment, overturning an injunction against Illinois’ “assault weapons” prohibition.

In the case of Barnett v. Raoul, U.S. District Judge Stephen P. McGlynn—a nominee of Donald Trump—issued the preliminary injunction.

The Seventh Circuit heard an appeal of McGlynn’s ruling and rendered a 2 to 1 verdict against the injunction.

The three judges were Michael P. Brennan, appointed by Donald Trump; Diane P. Wood, appointed by Bill Clinton; and Frank Easterbook, appointed by Ronald Reagan.

The majority on the tribunal that overturned the injunction was made up of Easterbrook and Wood.

They cited Heller’s (2008) assertion that “the right secured by the Second Amendment is not unlimited, like most rights.”

They continued by pointing out that the US Supreme Court determined in the Heller case that machine guns were not considered “bearable” weapons for the purposes of the Second Amendment since they might be “exclusively dedicated to military use.”

Next, Easterbrook and Wood discussed the parallels they discovered between M16s—which can fire in three-round burst mode or fully automatic—and AR-15s. They wrote:

“The similarity between the AR-15 and the M16 only increases when we take into account how easy it is to modify the AR-15 by adding a “bump stock” (as the shooter in the 2017 Las Vegas event had done) or auto-sear to it thereby making it, in essence, a fully automatic weapon.

In a decision addressing a ban on bump stocks enacted by the Maryland legislature, another federal court found that bump-stock devices enable “rates of fire between 400 to 800 rounds per minute.”

They added that both weapons “deliver the same kinetic energy” and employ the same ammo.

Judge Brennan dissented from the majority ruling, arguing that the Illinois “assault weapons” prohibition is unconstitutional because it lacks historical precedence in American culture and will fail if tried by Bruen (2022).

Brennan stated: “Preliminary injunctions against enforcement of the challenged laws are justified because the banned firearms and magazines warrant constitutional protection and the government parties have failed to meet their burden to show that their bans are part of the history and tradition of firearms regulation.”

The case is in the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit and is Barnett v. Raoul, No. 23-1353.

Copyright 2023.

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