You Won’t Believe What This Democrat-Run City Just Banned!

You Won't Believe What This Democrat-Run City Just Banned!

( – Louisville, Colorado’s lunatics have decided to forbid the establishment of any new petrol stations there.

There are now only six petrol stations in Louisville, which has a population of 21,000 people.

Councilwoman Maxine Most said during an interview, “We have an obligation to take every action possible to address the changes to our climate that are wreaking havoc on our globe and directly affecting the health, well-being, and livelihoods of the voters we represent in Louisville.”

“In addition, any new gas stations and service stations will also be required to have at least two charging stations for electric vehicles and be 1,000 feet from existing stations, according to the code, unless they are part of a sizable retail complex.”

How is restricting the number of petrol stations aid in the debunked fight against climate change?

Let’s act like climate change is real, even though it is a fraud. How therefore does the prohibition of gas stations reduce carbon emissions?

I’m not a scientist, just like this insane municipal council, but it appears to me that if you restrict the number of gas stations, two things will happen:

1) people would wait longer in line for gas than they would ordinarily, and 2) people will have to travel further to get petrol. Under both scenarios, cars run longer than they would normally, increasing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

Everything makes sense when acknowledging that this is more about religion than science. There’s a reason Greta “Damien” Thunberg, a high school dropout, received an honorary degree in theology, after all.

The municipal council of Louisville must believe that if they “sacrifice” petrol stations to Gaia, she will bless them with favorable weather.

The Louisville City Council is aware that this prohibition will not improve the environment, according to the Daily Mail:

“Speaking before the vote, councilwoman Most admitted that the move wouldn’t stop climate change but said the small community should continue with the plan anyway.

‘We should be taking whatever incremental steps to not create additional fossil fuel infrastructure,’ said the councilmember, who also serves on the city’s Economic Vitality Committee.”

There you have it. This city government is upsetting its voters merely for symbolic purposes.

Things worsen… By 2025, “the entire city’s municipal electricity needs” must be met by “carbon-free sources,” according to a decision made by the city council.

That isn’t even two years away.

Furthermore, “by 2030, it will be able to meet 75% of its residential, commercial, and industrial demands with carbon-free sources.”

That isn’t even eight years away.

This is all moral exhibitionism, aside from the theological aspect; the municipal council is more concerned with nonsense than necessities like clean roads, effective schools, and garbage collection.

When the voters tolerate it, holding the municipal council accountable is difficult.

What you vote for is what you get.

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