Woke Army Can’t Meet Recruiting Targets


The alarming decline in the Army’s recruitment of white soldiers over the past five years is now being scrutinized through a conservative lens, with critics pointing to what they perceive as the damaging impact of woke ideologies and critical race theory (CRT) within the military. The substantial drop, nearly 50%, coincides with the Army’s fervent efforts to boost diversity, but some argue that prioritizing these initiatives has come at the cost of recruitment.

In 2023, the Army fell short of its recruitment target by a significant 10,000, with white recruits plummeting from 44,042 in 2018 to a mere 25,070 in 2023. The most noteworthy decline, a 6% drop from 2022 to 2023, has left some military officials puzzled, particularly as no other demographic group experienced such a pronounced decrease.

Military “experts” are blaming Republicans and conservative media for criticizing what they view as the corrosive influence of wokeness and CRT in the military. According to some officials, this critique has led to a diminished sense of prestige associated with military service in conservative America, providing individuals with newfound cultural freedom to opt out without guilt.

The Army’s attempt to recruit Gen Z, featuring diverse representations and emphasizing inclusivity, faced backlash from Republicans. Critics argue that such efforts, coupled with an increased focus on woke ideologies and CRT, have contributed to the decline in recruitment, particularly among white individuals in conservative strongholds.

Black and Hispanic recruitments have not seen significant growth due to diversity outreach, with percentages rising by four and seven, respectively.

Detractors of woke culture and CRT within the military assert that these ideologies may be alienating potential recruits, particularly in conservative circles. The decline in white recruitment has left Army officials befuddled, but conservative critics argue that the influence of woke ideologies and CRT cannot be overlooked when examining the multifaceted factors contributing to this decline.

Military.com also highlighted broader trends, suggesting that the decline in white men’s recruitment is mirrored in the labor force and civilian universities. Economist Nicholas Eberstadt from the American Enterprise Institute highlighted the challenges faced by men in the workforce, attributing it to a larger historic shift that is not easily explained by a single factor. However, conservative voices stress the imperative to scrutinize the impact of woke ideologies and CRT within the military as significant drivers behind the decline in white recruitment.