8 Cool Uses For Wire Survival Saws

wire survival saws

Concerned Patriot has sold tons of wire survival saws over the years. That’s because they not only look cool, but they also pack more easily than regular saws, and have a ton of different survival uses.

However, not many preppers realize the full extent that you can use one of these saws to your benefit in a survival situation. And this is important to know, since you’ll be depending on every single one of these uses to help keep you alive.

We want you to know all about how these survival tools can help benefit you so that, when you get one for Freeyou know exactly how valuable this survival tool is. That’s why we want to teach you these…

8 Cool Uses For Wire Survival Saws

Here are just eight of the many uses for your Free survival saw:

Replace The Hose

With this saw you can cut the tubing off a garden hose. This way, you’ll have a replacement for your radiator hose when it goes out or has a rupture.

Butcher Game

A wire saw is so strong you can use it to help you butcher game. With this amazing survival tool, you can slice through the cartilage in-between the joints, cut rough cuts of the meat, and even slice right through the bone!

Cut Cordage

If you’ve got to slice through hard-to-cut-through materials like vines, leather and thick grasses, you can do so easily with a wire survival saw.

Cut Through PVC

PVC pipes can be great for storing survival supplies. However, cutting into them can be a nightmare. Luckily, with the wire survival saw, you can slice into these heavy-duty pipes (and other thick plastics) with ease.

Cut Through Bottles & Containers

One of the best ways to make a DIY water filter is to slice the top off a milk carton or plastic water bottle. This is child’s play for the wire survival saw. It slices through this material easily.

Cut Through The Restraints

An attacker may think he has you caught with rope or zip tie restraints. However, you can surprise him by cutting yourself free with this handy saw.

Saw Through Tires

There may come a time when you need to use old vehicle tires in a survival situation. Thankfully, the wire survival saw cuts through these easily, allowing you to get to work faster.

Cut Through Heavy Materials

Materials like heavy canvas, leather, webbing, or nylon can be great for building a bug out shelter. However, if you need to cut these materials into strips for another use, this can be a major pain.

However, using the wire survival saw you can slice through these hard-to-cut materials quite easily.


Sliced bread is one of the most wonderful inventions known to man. However, you’ll find yourself preparing a lot of your own food when SHTF, and so you might have to forego this luxury.

Luckily, using your survival saw you can cut through loaves of bread with ease, allowing you and your group to enjoy a nice, hearty meal.

A wire saw is a crucial survival tool to add to your EDC when SHTF. Whether you’re hiking, camping, or in a crisis, you’re bound to get a ton of use out of this thing.

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With this many survival uses, you’d be crazy not to take advantage of this Free survival tool. Click here to get your very own.