Why You’ll Want To Use A Shemagh Next Time SHTF


Ever heard of a shemagh? If you’ve seen this article of clothing before, you might say you saw it on a picture of a terrorist. That’s because this “terror scarf” is sometimes worn by terrorists around the world.

However, before you click off this article, I want to point out something. It’s not just terrorists wearing these, either. American Special Operators have also been seen wearing shemaghs on missions. Take a look:

So what’s the big deal about this piece of apparel? And how does it help you survive?

You’re about to find out.

Why You’ll Want To Use A Shemagh Next Time SHTF

Fashion A Sling

If you hurt your arm in an emergency situation, you’re going to have to immobilize it to prevent further injury. Thankfully, you can unwrap the shemagh, tie it around the body, and tie a knot in it to create a sling to help your arm heal.

Protect Your Fighting Hand

If you’re about to be in some hand-to-hand combat, you’ll want to do what you can to protect your dominant hand from injury. Wrap it in a shemagh before the fight. This will help reduce the chances of you cutting your hand in the fight, and risking injury and infection.

Create Clean Water

Clean, drinkable water is imperative to your survival when SHTF. Luckily, you can use a shemagh to filter water to help remove debris and large contents from the water. Use this piece of apparel as one of the layers of the water filter, along with sand and charcoal to make it drinkable.

Make A Tourniquet

The beauty of the shemagh is that you can wrap it around a limb and tie it down to make a tourniquet. Excellent for active shooter situations, this piece of apparel will help stop blood flow from a vein or artery, thereby helping you stay alive.

Breathe Easy

Dust and debris can kick up into the air, causing you to choke as you breathe it in. But, wearing a shemagh around your head, you can breathe easy with this protective barrier around your nose and mouth. It also works great for protecting your entire head from snow and sun. You can even dip the material into water and then wrap it around your head to keep cool in the middle of summer.

Hunt Like A Wolf

Wolves are stealthy, and want to remain unseen by their prey. Luckily, their plush white, grey or brown coat blends in well with their environment, allowing them to remain undetected. The same goes true for the shemagh. Its neutral light and dark brown hues allow you to blend into many different environments, helping you go unnoticed by your prey (and your enemies).

Incredible Versatility

The shemagh is outstandingly versatile, and can be worn at least 21 different ways to fit your survival needs. Take a look:

Where To Get A Shemagh

For the best deals, we recommend visiting Amazon or your favorite military supply store in order to pick up your next shemagh. This survival item is so useful and in such high demand that it’s unlikely you’ll find it at a garage sale or Craigslist. Once you purchase your first one, you’ll never want to give it up!

Make sure you Prepare Now with your shemagh so that you can Survive Later in an emergency!