Why You’ll Need A Survival Watch In A Crisis

survival watch

A survival watch is an absolute must-have in a survival situation. Those who have served in our armed forces swear by them. So do preppers and survivalists alike. Without this incredible survival tool, you’ll have a much harder time getting through an SHTF event.

But what exactly is a survival watch? And how is it different than any other wristwatch?

You’re about to find out with these reasons…

Why You’ll Need A Survival Watch In A Crisis

1 – They Come In Different Types

Well, survival watches typically come in two different types. One is basically a mini survival kit you wear around your wrist. This one tells the time, and includes a way to start fire, a whistle, a compass, and a paracord band. And, if you know anything about paracord, you know it’s got about 100 different uses that can help you survive.

The other type of survival watch is one that acts like a super compact computer. These handy watches include awesome gadgets like GPS, compass, and sunrise/sunset times. It also includes a barometer and a thermometer, as well as a normal clock. Pretty impressive!

If your watch doesn’t fall into one of these two categories, you’re not getting the most bang for your buck. And, if it doesn’t include all the right functions, it may not be quite up to snuff.

2 – They Typically Contain The Necessities

Regardless of what type of survival watch you’re using, there are some features you absolutely HAVE to have. For example, your watch MUST be able to tell the time and date. It also needs to have a long battery life, although a solar-powered watch is ideal.

The watch must also be waterproof, and be extremely durable. Survival situations can cause technology and survival tools to take a beating. So make sure your watch can withstand a few drops and hits.

3 – You Can Give Yours An Upgrade

Anyone can transform a normal wristwatch into a survival watch. Now, granted, this upgrade won’t immediately add a survival kit or a supercomputer onto your ordinary watch. However, this one simple trick will help you to be way more prepared than you would have been otherwise.

All you have to do is remove the band from the wristwatch, and replace it with good old fashioned paracord. Since paracord is basically a godsend in a survival situation, you’ll instantly have even more resources to use in a crisis. Use this handy cord to help you tie down supplies, make a tourniquet, and set up a survival shelter (just to name a few).

4 – You Can Resurrect Your Dead Battery

It sounds impossible, but you can actually bring your battery back to life if it dies in a crisis. And this is a pretty huge deal, considering this method alone could easily save your life when SHTF.

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