White House: ‘Secret Service Did the Best They Could’ with Cocaine Investigation

White House: 'Secret Service Did the Best They Could' with Cocaine Investigation

(ConcernedPatriot.com) – On this week’s “Fox News Sunday” show, White House staffer John Kirby claimed that the inconclusive inquiry into who smuggled cocaine into the West Wing was handled properly.

Shannon Bream, an anchor, stated, “I want to talk about a national security issue that is domestic and that is cocaine in the White House.”

“You can certainly see why many Americans are shocked that there was ever cocaine in the White House,” she continued.

“Last year, there was also said to have been some marijuana there on a few occasions. The fact that the issue was resolved in less than two weeks is more significant, though,” she added.

Kirby said, “I can’t really speak to the investigation done by the Secret Service. They did the best they could to track down how it got there and who it might belong too.”

He added, “They just we’re not able to come up with any forensic evidence that proves it. But of course, we take this seriously. This is not the kind of thing we want to see happen.”

“It did happen to the visitors lobby area just outside the main West Wing. It is a highly trafficked area. We are going to take a look at how that happened and if there are things we could do to prevent that in the future we will certainly do that. No one is happy about this,” stated Kirby.

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