5+ Crazy Ways To Start A Fire

ways to start a fire
We all have ways to start a fire. For instance, you can use the old “rub some sticks together” technique. You can also use a lighter or matches to get that fire going.

However, what you may not know is there are some other pretty unusual ways to start a fire. And many of them involve ordinary household items you might not otherwise think twice about.

You’ll be amazed at these…

5+ Crazy Ways To Start A Fire


Although this item may be embarrassing for some people, the fact is condoms have an array of uses in a survival situation. For instance, you can hold matches/tinder in them for a waterproof container, you can use them to hold water, and you can even use them as slingshots.

And as it turns out, condoms also make great tinder. They’ll burn for minutes on their own while you finish building your fire.

Don’t have a lighter to set your condom ablaze? No worries. You can combine this survival tool with a stick, and make your own DIY thumb loop hand drill. Check out the process in the video below.

Smartphone + Steel Wool

Here’s a cool trick. By combining your cell phone with some steel wool, you can get a fire going in just seconds.

Don’t believe me? Check out the video below.

Battery + Gum Wrapper

Most of us just save those foil gum wrappers once we’ve popped the gum in our mouth. However, you’ll want to save them once you realize how they can help you start a fire.

By combining this foil (you can also use aluminum foil) with a battery, you can get a fire going in seconds! But use caution – this flame burns out quickly, so you’ll need to have your tinder ready to go so you can build that fire efficiently.

Watch the video to learn how to make it possible.

Chlorine + Brake Fluid

Want to make a HUGE fire in a short amount of time? This one’s your go-to combo for survival situations.

Keep in mind you can also use chlorine powder in place of the liquid. You can also buy some chlorine tablets and grind them for this process.

Once you’ve got your chlorine and brake fluid, add them to the tinder and steer clear of what’s to come!

Check out the video below to see this method in action.

Soda Can + Chocolate Bar

Here’s a crazy way to get a fire going in no time. Take an empty soda can and rub a chocolate bar all over the bottom of it. Then take a clean cloth and wipe off the chocolate, making sure to buff it as you go. Keep repeating these steps until the bottom of the can is so clean and shiny that you can see your reflection in it.

Next, pick out a spot where you want to make your fire. You’ll want to find a place that has lots of direct sunlight.

Now gather your tinder onto the ground. Grab the soda can and point it so that the sun’s rays bounce off the bottom of the can, and direct onto the tinder. Soon, you’ll see smoke wafting into the air as the fire in the tinder ignites. Once you see this smoke, you’ll want to immediately start building your fire.

Want to see this process in action? Check out the video below.

BONUS: Even More Crazy Ways To Start A Fire

The truth is you can use a lot of items to start a fire – and most of them aren’t even shown in this survival article. That’s why we want to help you out by showing you even more ways to start a fire. Enjoy!