5 Ways To Meet Preppers

ways to meet preppers

Many people don’t think about it, but knowing various ways to meet preppers can drastically increase their chances of survival in the long-run.

That’s because humans are built for community – we’re not meant to do life alone. It’s also been proven time and time again that a group can thrive better due with its combined skills, wisdom and insight versus one person left on their own.

Thankfully, there are various ways to get to know new preppers and befriend like-minded people. All you have to do is learn these… 

5 Ways To Meet Preppers

Craig’s List

This may seem like an unlikely source. However, it turns out Craig’s List can be a great place to find and meet fellow preppers.

Keep in mind that people on this site (and in general) may be hesitant about calling themselves “preppers,” due to negative stereotypes. Search for groups using keywords like “emergency preparedness,” “self-sustaining and “SHTF.”

Much like many other websites, Craig’s List always has the potential for scammers. Be careful when contacting groups, and don’t give out sensitive information.

American Preppers Network

The APN is an online forum where preppers can come to share ideas, get info and set up appts to meet in person. And it’s all in the name of bettering themselves (and their preps) for survival.

Many groups on this site like to hold routine meetings. And, considering the wide array of people on this site, you’re bound to find a person/group you connect with.

Meet Up

This is a great website for any type of groups (even prepping ones) to connect in person. These groups are often designed with the purpose of doing activities together and bonding over a shared topic of interest (in this case preparedness).

Want to view specific prepper groups? Visit Preppers.MeetUp.com


Believe it or not, certain churches will offer classes and workshops on self-sustainability. Whether or not it’s directly related to the act of “prepping,” this is an excellent opportunity to meet up with people who are looking to be self-sufficient (a HUGE part of being successful in survival). You may even pick up some new skills along the way!

Community Boards

This may be an “old school” way of meeting people, but it’s proven effective time and time again. Check out the community board at your local grocery store, coffee shop, gym, etc. Then look for flyers advertising groups/classes about any aspect of survival. Don’t see one that applies? Start one yourself and advertise it on the board!

Things To Consider When Finding Preppers & Joining Groups

Meeting up with preppers and sharing your wisdom and insight is a great way to connect and become more prepared for what’s to come. However, it’s incredibly important to do this in an intelligent manner – and to not show all your cards at once.

Here’s a video with some helpful tips on how to conduct yourself when getting to know fellow preppers, whether online or in person.

Have you had success in meeting up with fellow preppers? Have any advice for people looking for groups to join? Share your wisdom in the comments below.