5 Reasons Watermelon Is The Perfect Survival Food

perfect survival food
Watermelon may just be the perfect survival food. And it’s astonishing how few preppers know about this.This red, crisp, juicy fruit is perfect for summertime. BBQs, picnics and 4th of July parties are rarely without this tasty treat.

However, it’s not just delicious. It’s also ridiculously versatile and super healthy. And, as you’re about to discover, it’s a surprisingly great survival food.

Once you discover all the ways this fruit can be eaten, you’ll want to add it to your stockpile and survival garden ASAP!

5 Reasons Watermelon Is The Perfect Survival Food

It Turns Into A Candy
The only thing better than watermelon may just be watermelon candy. And that’s because it’s much easier to store, and is great for stockpiling.
You can make watermelon candy by dehydrating it. This is the perfect way to eat this tasty fruit all year long – even when they’re no longer in season.To make the candy, slice up the watermelon using a large, serrated knife.
Cut off the rind, and cut the watermelon into large slices, about 2-3 inches thick.Then put the pieces on a dehydrator tray and allow them to drain over the sink. Once they’re completely drained, put the trays into the dehydrator and set it at 135°F.
Leave the slices in there for about 10 hours. You know they’re done with the pieces have the texture of leather. To test, poke the fruit – the skin should stay firm and not bounce back.
Here’s a video of the candy making process.


It’s Great For Hydration

If you’re stranded in an emergency you’re going to need water to survive. Thankfully, if you have watermelon, you have a shot. That’s because this fruit is over 90% water, and can help you rehydrate when your water stores are low.

Pro Tip: Since this fruit is so juicy, it helps to eat it carefully over a bowl. That way when you’re done, you can drink up the juices that dripped out when you were eating.

It Eases Muscle Soreness

During a crisis, you’re likely to be moving around a lot. Setting up shelters, hiking for miles, lugging firewood and a heavy bug-out bag… it gets tiring extremely fast.

Thankfully you can turn to watermelon to help soothe your aching muscles. That’s because this fruit contains tons of the amino acid l-citrulline which helps relieve soreness ASAP.

To get ahead of the game, eat watermelon before engaging in strenuous physical activity to get a jumpstart on pain relief.

Every Part Is Edible

In a survival situation you’ll need to utilize every possible resource at your disposal. That’s why watermelon is so great – unbeknownst to most preppers, every single part of the watermelon is edible. Including the rind and the seeds!

Check out the videos below to see how the rind and seeds are some of the healthiest part of the watermelon.

As you saw in the above videos, watermelon seeds help prevent you from retaining water weight. Not to mention, they’re chock-full of fiber, zinc, iron and protein. They’re also super healthy.

And, for all that are wondering, swallowing watermelon seeds will NOT cause them to sprout in your stomach. Just in case your mother told you this story, it’s safe to say it was false.

It’s Crazy Versatile

Few people know that watermelon is good for more than just eating raw. In fact, there’s lots of tasty dishes and snacks you can make out of them. For one, you can you make delicious watermelon candy (as in #1).

You can also make a tasty crab salad with arugula and add a slice of watermelon. This will add a delightful twist on this classic dish.

You can also replace tomato with watermelon in many different meals/sandwiches. The juicy crisp tang can be a welcome surprise to an otherwise boring meal.