WATCH: ‘Zombie Drug” On The Rise – Consumes Human Flesh

WATCH: New ‘Zombie Drug

( – Philadelphia’s “tranq” drug epidemic is costing the city dearly.

According to video footage uploaded by TikTok user urbanvisuals2.0 and cited by the New York Post, the Kensington neighborhood is supposedly full of slouched over and unconscious people.

In the video, people are seen sitting or standing still on a sidewalk that is littered with debris:


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According to The Post, it’s “a deadly sedative used to enhance the effects of heroin, cocaine, and fentanyl.”

U.S. government officials labeled Xylazine an “emerging threat” in April and requested more funding from Congress to combat the chemical linked to overdose deaths.

Authorities in Los Angeles have been alerting the populace about a “zombie drug” that may consume human flesh.

According to reports, those who take it may endure adverse effects, including deteriorating skin and muscles. In many cases, “tranq” users also need to have their limbs amputated.

The outlet stated that “officials say drug suppliers are adding the animal tranquilizer to the fentanyl and heroin supply because it is cheap and simple to obtain.”

Philadelphia’s Health officials lament that the city is grappling with the pandemic and admitting that Xylizine has “particularly hard” hit the region, resulting in increased overdose deaths and “severe wounds that can lead to sepsis and amputation.”

According to a December 2019 Inquirer article, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner (D) has long maintained that drug users shouldn’t have the option of going to prison.

He is currently putting that idea into practice. According to the story, “His office has covertly started an initial version of an extraordinary “diversion” program, in which prosecutors drop charges against anyone who can provide documentation that they are receiving drug treatment.”

Krasner’s campaign website says that “the office has stopped prosecuting nearly all simple drug possession cases.”

Philadelphia dispatched teams in March to assist opioid and “tranq” users while the region’s drug crisis persisted, according to NBC News:

A man in Kensington claimed to be looking for his drug-dependent daughter and mentioned that she had been gone for a while.

“She had been clean for nearly nine months when things suddenly became worse. All I want to know is if she is still alive. As tears streamed from his eyes,” he added, “I just don’t know what else to do.”

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