WATCH: U.S. Flags RIPPED on Veterans Day by Pro-Palestinian Protesters

(ConcernedPatriot.com) – A pro-Palestinian mob is seen applauding a protester who scaled a flagpole and tore down American flags during a demonstration across downtown Manhattan over Veterans Day weekend, in a startling scene that has caused significant outrage online.

In one widely shared video, NYPD officers can be seen watching as pro-Palestinian demonstrators scale city lights to desecrate the flag:

Police and protesters clashed on East 43rd Street in Manhattan.

“These people are enemies of the US as much as they are enemies of Israel,” journalist Emily Schrader wrote. “Stand with justice, stand with liberal democracy, stand with Israel.”

“These people hate America,” conservative podcaster Graham Allen asserted.

“They are RIPPING DOWN OUR FLAG and replacing it with the Palestinian flag ON AMERICAN SOIL.”

The protests started on Friday night near Columbus Circle. They moved to Grand Central Terminal, where demonstrators broke through the doors while police officers took cover inside:

For the second night in a row, the protesters marched through Manhattan’s streets, briefly forcing the shutdown of the transportation hub.

In response, many people expressed their worry and anger on social media.

The issue arises when pro-Palestinian protests are fostering antisemitic and anti-American sentiments.

Former President Donald Trump charged last month that American institutions were “allowing or enabling the open hatred against Israel and America!” for having hosted extreme pro-Palestinian events.

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