(WATCH) Smug Hillary Clinton LAUGHS at Trump Indictment

(WATCH) Smug Hillary Clinton LAUGHS at Trump Indictment

(ConcernedPatriot.com) – On MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” on Monday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she believed the indictments of former president Donald Trump were terrible for the nation but pleasing because they proved our legal system is effective.

Maddow asked, “Do you feel satisfaction? You warned the country that he was going to try to destroy democracy. Most of the country didn’t believe you.”

Clinton said, “It’s hard to believe. I don’t feel satisfaction, but I feel great profound sadness that we have a former president who has been indicted for so many charges that went right to the heart of whether or not our democracy would survive.”

We don’t know yet what the charges coming out of Georgia, but if you stop and think about what the public evidence is and you talk about some of that for the last hour, he set out to defraud the U.S. and citizens of our nation,” she added.

She continued, “He used tactics of harassment and intimidation and made threats. He and his allies went after state officials, local officials responsible for conducting elections.”

Interestingly, Hillary Clinton was never prosecuted for the Russia collusion hoax, which was an attempt to reverse a democratic election and undermine national security and domestic order.

She’s smug because the entire system protects her and her party.

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