WATCH Biden Brag About Airfare, Turkey, Gas After Prices Increased

WATCH Biden Brag About Airfare, Turkey, Gas After Prices Increased

( – At a speech on Monday, President Joe Biden boasted about the cost of fuel, turkey, and airfare—all of which have gone up while in office.

Biden’s administration’s worry that inflation harms its chances of winning reelection is evident in their choice to draw attention to the rising prices under his direction, even though they are down from the previous year.

“Well, this past week, as Americans gathered around their own kitchen tables for Thanksgiving dinner, that was our goal: to give them a little more breathing room.  And together, we made progress,” Biden said during a speech on supply chains. “You know, from turkey, to air travel, to a tank of gas, costs went down.  They went down.”

The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that frozen whole turkeys cost an average of 12 cents more per pound:

Price as of November 2020: $1.15
Price as of November 2023: $1.27

The FED’s CPI indicates that the average monthly airplane cost climbed by around $50.

2020 January: $208.03
$251.31 in October 2023

According to AAA, the national average gas price per gallon climbed by almost ninety cents.

$2.38 in January 2021 and $3.25 in November 2023

According to a Harvard/Harris poll conducted in October, Biden’s approval rating is below average on two of the country’s most critical issues: inflation and the economy/jobs.

Thirty-two percent of voters cited inflation as the primary concern.
Jobs and the economy were ranked as the top concerns by 24% of voters.

Biden’s approval rating:

Inflation: 40% of respondents agree
Economy and employment: 49% are in favor

Do you believe you are better now than before Biden took office?

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