(VIDEO) WOKE Megan Rapinoe’s Final Kick Costs U.S. the World Cup

(VIDEO) WOKE Megan Rapinoe's Final Kick Costs U.S. the World Cup

(ConcernedPatriot.com) – On Sunday, Megan Rapinoe’s international career ended in a captivating penalty shootout against Sweden.

Unfortunately, her unsuccessful goal attempt added to the United States team’s elimination from the ongoing World Cup of soccer in New Zealand and Australia.

To give Sweden the opportunity it required, Rapinoe and Sophia Smith missed penalties that would have handed the U.S. the victory. Kelley O’Hara also missed the Americans’ final chance.

Rapinoe commented in an interview following the thrilling conclusion of the competition held in Melbourne, Australia:

“I mean, this is like a sick joke. For me personally, this is like dark comedy that I missed a penalty. This is the balance to the beautiful side of the game. I think it can be cruel.”

The outcome of the World Cup resulted in the end of Rapinoe’s international career.

The United States, four-time World Cup champions, have never exited a competition so early.

The United States claimed the last two Women’s World Cups and four of the eight editions held before this year’s event, Down Under.

They had never gone out before the semi-final stage.

This time they have been sent packing in the last 16, having won just one game, which was an unconvincing 3-0 defeat of Vietnam.

In her final act of service to her country, she took to the field against Sweden and unfortunately missed her penalty shot, shattering the hopes and aspirations of her nation.

Many soccer supporters took to Twitter to express frustration with her final effort.

The United States and Mexico are vying to co-host the 2027 World Cup, which may take place on American land.

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