VIDEO: Soldier UNLOCKS Texas Border Gate for Illegals!

VIDEO: Soldier UNLOCKS Texas Border Gate for Illegals!

( – A U.S. National Guard stationed at the Texas border by the Biden administration can be seen opening a border gate to let a sizable contingent of illegals through.

According to sources, the soldier is not a member of the Texas National Guard that Governor Greg Abbott has deployed.

A female soldier is seen unlocking a gate in a border fence close to Eagle Pass, Texas, in a video posted by Fox LA reporter Bill Melugin.

The video was made on May 15, just a few days after the CDC Title-42 migrant expulsion protocol ended.

The soldier can be seen in the video opening the gate of what looks to be a border fence along the Rio Grande constructed in Texas. Many migrants start to enter as the gate swings open, and the soldier moves back.

The migrants wait in line to be processed by Border Patrol officers, who then load them onto a bus and take them to an Eagle Pass processing facility.

Melugin tweeted that Texas National Guard officials had confirmed the soldier was a member of the Missouri National Guard who had been sent to help Border Patrol agents as part of the Biden administration’s Title 10 initiative.

According to reports, she is not a soldier serving overseas with Operation Lone Star.

The illegals can be seen waiting to be processed by Border Patrol authorities in a second video. To provide transportation to an Eagle Pass processing facility, a CBP bus is waiting.

According to a police report Breitbart Texas acquired, Del Rio Sector agents detained 650 migrants on May 15. Most of these concerns would be related to the group crossing in the video up top.

Agents along the southwest border with Mexico caught more than 4,800 migrants who crossed the border between ports of entry.

Following the termination of the Title 42 program, this is the fifth consecutive month in which arrests have decreased.

And now, individuals like this are just opening gates to allow more illegals to flood the country, costing the American taxpayer millions of dollars.

Welcome to Biden’s America.

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