(VIDEO) BlackRock Recruiter EXPOSES Company’s Dark ‘Insider Secrets’

(VIDEO) BlackRock Recruiter EXPOSES Company's Dark 'Insider Secrets'

(ConcernedPatriot.com) – The O’Keefe Media Group recently released a new article focusing on BlackRock Inc., which may be James O’Keefe’s most significant investigative subject.

In around 7 minutes of captivating undercover video, a BlackRock recruiter named Serge Varlay explains how BlackRock can “run the world.” One of OMG News’ superstar undercover reporters recorded the video during many meetings in New York.

The biggest asset manager in the world, BlackRock Inc., has recently become increasingly well-known due to significant acquisitions.

According to Varlay, BlackRock finds it simpler to act when “people aren’t thinking about it” and the asset management behemoth “doesn’t want to be anywhere on the radar.” This narrative offers a glimpse into the reasons.

According to Serge Varlay, BlackRock oversees $20 trillion in assets globally. He said, “It’s incomprehensible numbers.” Except for the US and China, BlackRock manages assets worth more than $9.5 trillion, more than the combined GDP of all other nations.

Varlay said, in what is possibly the frankest description of corruption and bribery from their own company we’ve ever heard, “The senators…are f***ing cheap – you got 10 grand, you can buy a senator.” Below is a more extended quote from Varlay:

“I work for a firm called BlackRock, and you can take this giant f*** ton of cash and buy individuals. Who controls the president’s checkbook, not who is the president, is what matters. Your candidates could be purchased.

First, there are the senators—these fuckin’ cheapskates. If you have $10k, you can purchase a senator, and I’ll pay you $500k right away. Regardless of the outcome, they are in my pocket. “

Varlay continues, claiming that individuals in his line of work believe that the tragedy of war is “really f***ing good for business.”

“Are you aware that doing business in Ukraine is advantageous? If Russia destroys the grain storage facilities in Ukraine, wheat prices will soar. The wheat market is the Ukrainian economy. If you’re a trader, it’s great news when the price of bread increases. Volatility opens up business opportunities…”

In addition, Varlay said that it is “exciting when s*** goes wrong.”

Varlay didn’t realize he was being filmed when he spoke. However, he directly questioned the OMG reporter if she was “undercover,” given the nature of her questions.

“Due to the fact that “normal people don’t give a s***” about these unfavorable realities, he was dubious of the reporter’s inquiries.” Varlay says, “It’s beyond them.”

Varlay and James O’Keefe’s interview altercation will be released on film soon. At the time this video was done. BlackRock Inc.’s press liaison declined to offer any additional commentary on the matter.

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