(VIDEO) AZ Democratic Lawmaker CAUGHT Hiding Bibles!

(VIDEO) AZ Democratic Lawmaker CAUGHT Hiding Bibles!

(ConcernedPatriot.com) – Video of Arizona Democratic Representative Stephanie Stahl-Hamilton hiding a Bible after removing it from a table in the House members-only lounge has surfaced.

A Bible was seen being taken from a table in the House’s members-only lounge by an Arizona state lawmaker, who then hid it from view.

According to a statehouse source, the Arizona House of Representatives was informed about the inexplicable disappearance of two Holy Bibles on March 23.

The Bibles were typically left on display in the House’s members-only lounge.

Members of the House may utilize the restricted area, which is close to the House Floor, to take a call, meet with other representatives, or consult with senior staff members while the House is not in session.

The lounge is also open to visitors, but they must be guided there.

When the House security team was made aware of the Bible disappearances, its security began investigating the living room for the missing books and discovered they had been hidden beneath the cushions of two chairs.

Another Bible vanished from the lounge over a week later. It was later found that it had been transferred and put inside a refrigerator in a nearby kitchen.

The security crew set up a temporary camera inside the lounge due to the missing Bibles.

According to the statehouse source, the lounge was not one of the public spaces in the House building where security cameras are installed.

A third incident happened on April 10 when the House was in session, and this time the two Bibles in the lounge were once again taken from their places.

According to her bio, Democratic Representative Stephanie Stahl-Hamilton is an ordained Presbyterian minister. The surveillance camera caught her taking out the volumes and putting them beneath two sofas in the living room.

Fox News Digital contacted Stahl-Hamilton and her team over the incident on Tuesday, but they did not immediately comment.

An Arizona-based reporter for CBS 5 posted a video of Stahl-Hamilton being questioned by the reporter about why she was keeping the Bibles hidden. She turned away from the reporter and declined to comment.

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