5 Valentines Day Gifts for Preppers

Still needing Valentines Day gifts for preppers (and non-preppers) in your life? I’ve got some ideas to help you out.

As preppers we’re famous for our ability to plan ahead, stockpile supplies and prepare for disaster. However, it’s uncanny how many of us still haven’t prepared gifts for our sweethearts for Valentines Day.

If you’re one such procrastinating prepper, you might be feeling panicked. Thankfully, I’ve got some last-minute gift ideas that can help save your butt (as well as your Valentines Day weekend).

Check out these…

5 Valentines Day Gifts for Preppers

Practical Prepper

Practical preppers enjoy gifts, but they tend to be very “no frills” (so no expensive wine or fancy chocolates for these folks). Nope, practical preppers believe the best things in life are simple, functional, and good quality.

One of the best gifts a “no frills” prepper can receive is a survival seed vault. Your Valentine can use feel the earth between their fingers as they sow survival seeds that will sustain them throughout the coming months. Plus, as the growing season starts, they can literally see the fruits of their labor, which can be extremely rewarding.

Other practical prepper ideas include:

  • A really good quality, no-frills survival knife
  • A dependable flashlight that’s both solar and battery operated
  • A hand-crank survival radio
  • A well-packed emergency kit with all the survival basics included
The Romantic

Gifts like candy, flowers, and jewelry are so overdone that they hardly seem romantic anymore. And, if you rely on these gifts often enough, they’ll lose their impact (despite your good intentions).

That’s why one of the most romantic things you can do for your Valentine is to collect the pictures, shared memories and meaningful items you’ve accumulated over the years and put them in a photo album (or a “memory” box). This gift idea does take a bit of effort – but it’s easily the most personal and quite possibly the most impactful gift you ever receive.

Sure, store-bought gifts are nice. But the fact you put in the time, thought and effort to put this together shows them how much your relationship means. Plus, when SHTF you’ll have the photo album/memory box with you to help you both remember the good times – and why you fell in love in the first place.

The Gun Nut

Got someone who’s incredibly hard to shop for? Take them to a gun show and give them some money to go on a shopping spree. Sure, it might not be a huge surprise, but they’re practically guaranteed to find a firearm (or accessory) they love. Plus, every time they use it, they’ll likely think of you (a plus).

The Avid Learner 

If your sweetie loves learning new things and going in-depth about certain topics, consider treating the two of you to a weekend survival class. This getaway can be both fun and educational as you develop new survival skills (or hone existing ones). Not only can you bond and get prepared together, but it’s also a lot cheaper than a cruise or Caribbean vacation.

The Non-Prepper 

We all know the frustration of attempting to “convert” non-preppers. Our best intentions can backfire, leaving us pulling our hair out in irritation.

Pushing them into prepping is possibly the least effective way of coaxing them into this lifestyle. However, you can infuse “prepping” into your gift by creating a romantic night for them while utilizing your existing stockpile.

For instance, you can light some emergency candles to set the mood. Use the water filter you’ve set aside to make them a fresh beverage. Cook a delicious meal (perhaps utilizing some delicious canned fruits/vegetables you’ve stored). And then perhaps a movie – maybe World War Z (after all, who doesn’t like Brad Pitt?).

You can also talk to your Valentine about how much they mean to you, and how you would do anything to protect them.

The key is to keep the night romantic and free of stress. However, by using the preps you have on hand in order to dote on them – and by expressing how your stockpiling these things comes from the innate desire to protect them from harm – you can potentially help sway a non-prepper to your line of thinking.

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The Foodie 

Foodies generally love all types of food (survival-related or not) and often enjoy experimenting with a variety of cooking methods. That’s why getting them a food dehydrator or canning system can be the perfect survival gift.

Not only will it satisfy their love for food and cooking, but these methods will also help you prepare months’ (if not years’) worth of snacks and meals for you to add to your stockpile. Plus, if you both discover how to use these together, you can partner to create the best stockpile ever (which can make for a great bonding experience).

The Hunter/Plinker

Who doesn’t love firing off round after round of top-shelf ammo? This is the perfect gift idea for the hunter, plinker or firearm enthusiast in your life. Plus, you can easily get creative and pour out the ammo into an empty heart-shaped box. That way when they open it, they won’t get chocolates, but a much more fun and useful gift.