9 SHTF-Worthy Uses For Tampons

uses for tampons

This one may seem surprising, but turns out there are LOTS of survival uses for tampons. And you don’t have to be a woman to take advantage of them.

This “feminine product” may not seem like much on the outside. However, this little piece of cotton, string and plastic can actually aid you big time in a crisis.

You’ll be astounded at these…

9 SHTF-Worthy Uses For Tampons

Stop The Bleeding

Inside each tampon is a piece of cotton that can help you stop the bleeding when you get wounded. Remove the cotton from the plastic and unravel it. Then place it onto the wound to soak up the blood. Tape it for consistent pressure.

Start A Fire

Good news! The cotton in tampons is flammable, making it great tinder for setting off a spark. To make the flame last even longer, rub petroleum jelly on the cotton before lighting.

Stop A Nosebleed

Nosebleeds can be quite common in emergencies, due to sickness, allergies, dry air, and more. As such you can stop the bleeding immediately with the help of a tampon. Unravel the cotton and break off a piece. Roll the piece of cotton into a ball, and push it into the affected nostril. The cotton will apply pressure to the site and soak up the blood, while allowing you to use both hands to complete your next task.

Keep The Bugs Out

If you’re in a buggy area, those critters might be trying to crawl into your ears (which nobody wants). Thankfully, you can stuff pieces of tampon cotton into your ears and keep them out for good.

Drink Up

If you’re by a clean water source and are in a bind, you can use the clean plastic housing of the tampon as a straw.

Hold Matches + Tinder

If you’ve removed the tampon from its plastic wrapper (and the wrapper is intact) you can store tinder and matches inside. Close the top with tape or secure it with a bobby pin to keep it closed. This way your most precious resource will stay safe, waterproof, and in one place.

Wipe Away The Sweat

If you’ve got a sweaty, dirty face you can wipe away the grime with the use of tampon cotton.

Fix Your Shelter

If you’ve got a hole in your tent, you’ll be letting in bugs and mosquitos right and left. Thankfully, you can use a tampon to patch it up. Remove the cotton and press it flat against the hole. Secure it with tape and rest well, knowing there won’t be any creepy crawly intruders tonight.

Apply Creams + Ointment

Sometimes you’ll need to apply medicinal creams, ointment, gel, and more. However, if you’ve got dirty hands/fingers this can help spread bacteria and infection. Instead, you can apply these things with the use of clean tampon cotton. This is a great, sanitary way to prevent against disease.

** BONUS** 

Want even more uses for tampons? Check out the informative video below.