Unexpected Ways To Keep Cool This Summer

ways to keep cool

Well, we’re officially smack-dab in the middle of summer. Most people need only to step out their back door to realize how true that is.

However, what isn’t so obvious is how to keep cool in the sticky, hot summer. After all, nobody wants to go outside, and air conditioning can be a luxury that few can afford. Plus, in an SHTF situation, many people won’t be able to afford the luxury of A/C – especially if they’re bugging out.

So isn’t there a middle-ground between being sweltering hot and paying tons of money for cool air?

Luckily, there is.

Pay attention, you’ll be shocked once you discover all these…

Unexpected Ways To Keep Cool This Summer

Turn Off The Lights

Most people know leaving your lights on (especially when you’re not using them) is a great way to run up your electric bill. However, it also helps to heat your home, too. Light bulbs – especially the incandescent variety – produce heat. And that heat disperses into the home.

Use the lights when you need to, but turn them off when you leave the room. It’s surprising how much cooler the room will get!

Open Windows On Both Ends Of The House

This is a great, easy trick. Open the windows at both the front and back of the house. This allows for cross-ventilation, which allows the home to cool much more efficiently. This will quickly work to reduce the temperature inside the home.

Dy-Line Your Laundry

Driers are wonderful inventions. However, they produce lots of heat to get those clothes dry. And the heat they expel ends up heating your home. Instead, take your wet clothes and hang them on a clothesline outside to dry. Not only will this allow your clothing to dry, but it will also keep your house cool.

Plant A Tree

Find the hottest place in your home this summer. Measure this over a period of a few weeks to ensure it’s continually the hottest part of the house. Then go out and plant a tree that will help shelter that part of your home from the sun.

Sure, this is one solution that takes a few years to see the benefit. However, the payoff could be well-worth it if you do it right!

Shelter The Deck

If you’ve got an outdoor space you love to relax in, there’s a way to cool it down. Take a large curtain and douse it with ice cold water. Wring it out, and then hang it around the inside of the space. The air will hit the curtain and blow past it, causing the air to cool the room (and you) down in a hurry.

Cook When It’s Cool

Now I’m all for cooking; that is one thing that’s for certain. However, all that use of the stove and oven can heat up the kitchen quick.

Instead, try cooking during the coolest part of the day. Or, better yet, make use of the outdoor grill and do a barbecue in the shade. This will help keep your home nice and cool.

There are TONS more ways to keep your home cool. We’ve barely scratched the surface! Here’s a few more great tips from Survival Life:


ways to keep cool
If you live in a humid area, your sweat will stay wet. Wear loose cotton and other natural fabrics. Removing the humidity will help you feel cooler. Of course, there are other ways to keep your house cool.

Reduce And Reflect Sunlight

ways to keep cool

Direct sunlight coming into your home can increase the temperature. Keep direct sunlight from entering your interior by placing blinds, curtains, or reflective window panels and you will feel the difference.

Be Smart About Your Doors

ways to keep cool
If a room is cooler than the outdoor temperature, close the door. This way, you can retain the cold room temperature for as long as possible even in the warmest part of the day. Of course, there may be other cool ideas you might have in mind.

Put Smooth White Fabric Covers On Your Furniture

ways to keep cool
White fabric covers will help retain less heat in your furniture. In addition, these covers will reflect the light. Some would say that it absorbs less heat from sunlight. The furniture, and your interior, stay cool in the process.

Set Your Ceiling Fans To Rotate Counter-clockwise

ways to keep cool
Doing this will help move the warmth up and away from the room. In turn, you will feel cooler. I bet you didn’t think you could do that, did you? If you did, then there’s definitely a lot more you can do.

Point Box Fans Out The Windows

ways to keep cool
image by Guy1983 via Forumosa.com

When you do this, you push the hot air out. This is one thing many homeowners do not realize. Sometimes, it’s better to use fans for exhaust rather than creating artificial breeze.

Unplug Appliances Or Electronics

ways to keep cool
In this age of electronics, heat is a normal by-product. If you have kids or teens playing with their xbox on large flat screen TV’s all day, maybe it would be best to minimize their playtime. Pull out those plugs if you are not using a gadget. Less heat produced means a cooler interior.

Hack A Fan Instead Of Turning On The AC

ways to keep cool
It’s a classic but it’s proven to work. Take some ice and put it in a bowl, place in front of a fan and you get instant AC. It may not be as cool as the real one but it’s the next best thing. But hey! Better put those ice cubes into good use!

Make Use Of Your Bathroom And Kitchen Exhaust Fans

ways to keep cool
Apart from drawing out any excess steam, these exhaust fans draw out the heat from other rooms nearby. There will be a noticeable difference. You can probably do this at the warmest part of the day when your not using your AC.

Do Your Laundry And Ironing At Certain Parts Of The Day

ways to keep cool
Just like cooking in your kitchen, you can do these at a cooler part of the day. This way, you won’t be adding to the warmth of your home’s interior. Plus, your work will be much more comfortable. Unless you have a schedule to keep.

Let The Night Air In

ways to keep cool
In the summertime, nights tend to be much cooler. Make the most of this by opening the windows before sleeping. Of course, security should be your primary concern prior to leaving them open as you doze off. Make the necessary preparations like grills or just the upper windows if you live in a 2-story house.

Need some more great tips? Here’s a video about a bunch more ways to keep cool AND save energy this summer. Remember – when you Prepare Now, you’re more likely to Survive Summer!