Under Biden’s Command, The Navy Seals Have Gone Woke

The official Facebook page for the U.S. Navy SEALs and Naval Special Warfare Command found itself in hot water this weekend for acknowledging the start of “Pride Month.”

The post, which featured a rainbow-themed photo with the words, “NSW. Dignity. Service. Respect. Equality. Pride,” was quickly condemned when highlighted on the popular “Libs of TikTok” page on X (formerly known as Twitter). “Libs of TikTok” shared the post, stating, “The Navy SEALs have gone woke. Our elite special forces. This is terrifying.” This comment encapsulates a growing concern among conservatives that the military, a bastion of American strength and tradition, is being infiltrated by the progressive agenda.

The special warfare account, seemingly aware of the controversial nature of the post, restricted comments, a move that only fueled the backlash. Critics argue that this action demonstrates an awareness and acknowledgment by the Navy SEALs’ social media administrators that their audience would react negatively to the post.

The comment section, despite restrictions, was filled with criticism. One person remarked, “This is a slap in the face of every special warfare operator that has put their lives on the line for our nation.” Another user stated, “Man this woke s— is like a cancer and needs to be handled and dealt with as a threat to national security. Gone way too far.” These comments reflect a broader sentiment that injecting progressive ideologies into the military undermines its core mission and values.

However, not all comments were negative, with some users praising the post for recognizing diversity. One such comment read, “Fantastic!! Thanks for recognizing our strength is in our differences!” But such views are seen by critics as part of the problem, where political correctness is prioritized over military readiness and effectiveness.

This incident is not isolated. Social media accounts for the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, and Space Force made no mention of Pride Month on Saturday, perhaps signaling a reluctance to engage in similarly controversial posts. Yet, the Department of Defense (DoD) also stumbled by confusing Pride Month with PTSD Awareness Month in a social media post, adding to the perception of confusion and mismanagement at the highest levels.

In a now-deleted post, the DoD had attached a picture reading “Celebrate Pride Month 2024” to a tweet about PTSD Awareness Month. This blunder not only highlights a lack of coordination but also suggests an overemphasis on promoting progressive causes at the expense of clarity and focus on more critical issues like PTSD, which affects many veterans.

The National Park Service also faced backlash, reversing a ban on employees wearing uniforms at Pride events following pressure from LGBTQ activists. Such actions are perceived by many conservatives as bowing to the loudest voices rather than maintaining a clear and consistent policy.

The increasing visibility of progressive ideologies within the military and other government agencies raises serious questions about the impact on morale and effectiveness. Critics argue that focusing on identity politics distracts from the primary mission of these institutions – national security and service to the country.

The uproar over the Navy SEALs’ Pride Month post is more than just a social media controversy; it is indicative of a larger battle over the soul of the American military. As the military becomes more entwined with progressive ideologies, many fear that its core values and effectiveness are at risk. The need to maintain a focused, united, and mission-driven military should take precedence over appeasing the demands of political correctness and wokeness. This shift towards wokeness in our military and other government institutions is not just a benign inclusion of diverse perspectives but a direct threat to the integrity, strength, and preparedness of our national defense. The infiltration of these progressive ideologies must be resisted to preserve the honor and effectiveness of our armed forces.


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