UFC’s Dana White Calls Fans ‘Dummies’ Upset Over Deal with Bud Light

UFC's Dana White Calls Fans ‘Dummies’ Upset Over Deal with Bud Light

(ConcernedPatriot.com) – CEO of the UFC, Dana White, took aim at disgruntled supporters that he had inked a $100 million sponsorship agreement with the transgender agenda-pushing Bud Light.

The beer company had experienced significant financial setbacks following its alliance with flamboyant trans activist and TikTok celebrity Dylan Mulvaney.

This week, the UFC revealed on Tuesday that it has reached an agreement worth $100 million with Bud Light to sponsor its events for the following six years.

“Anheuser-Busch and Bud Light were UFC’s original beer sponsors more than fifteen years ago. I’m proud to announce we are back in business together,” White said.

“There are many reasons why I chose to go with Anheuser-Busch and Bud Light, most importantly because I feel we are very aligned when it comes to our core values and what the UFC brand stands for. I’m looking forward to all of the incredible things we will do in the years ahead,” White explained.

He continued by saying that A-B and Bud Light have done more on these problems than any other beer brand, having donated millions to the families of fallen police officers, soldiers, and American farmers.

When asked about the growing controversy over his choice, White struck back, characterizing critical fans as “dummies,” “assholes,” and “fucking stupid” for their opposition.

According to TMZ, White took a moment to address the critics during his remarks following “Power Slap 5” on Wednesday.

White also attacked people who said he was reciting a script extolling the virtues of Anheuser-Busch.

“I saw some other fucking asshole today saying, ‘Oh, it sounds like they wrote him a script on what to say.’ Nobody writes me a script. Nobody tells me what to say. Ever.”

Although AB InBev has supported the causes that White outlined, it is worth noting that they have also provided substantial financial support to radical LGBTQ activists.

This has allowed them to spread their ideology in schools and target young Americans with their activism. This trend has been ongoing for several decades.

For many beer drinkers, joining forces with cartoonish trans activist Dylan Mulvaney was the final straw.

As a result of that brief advertising campaign, Bud Light lost its position as the nation’s best-selling beer, and a fully organic boycott gained momentum.

Should fans boycott the UFC over their sponsorship deal with Bud Light?

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