How the Turapϋr Water Pitcher Is Changing People’s Lives Forever

Most of you might think it’s odd I’d spend my time writing on something like the Turapϋr Water Pitcher.Turapϋr Water Pitcher

I mean, I’m Damian Campbell. I’m the guy who writes to you about water filters and other gear you use after the SHTF.

I don’t write about “kitchen appliances” you use before SHTF.

Well, that all changed when I saw the lifesaving power of the Turapϋr Water Pitcher.

Look, I love writing about survival. I love helping people just like you get ready for what’s coming down the pike.

But if I’m honest for a moment I’ve noticed a disturbing trend among preppers and survivalists.

Tons of them prepare for the worst and overlook how to live well in the present.

In fact, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked to people who went so overboard preparing for tomorrow they forget to take care of themselves now. Sometimes they even get so sick they end up in the hospital.

I really don’t want that to happen to you. In fact, I’d love it if I could show you how the incredible Turapϋr Water Pitcher will make you feel incredible now!

So if you want to ensure you feel great now, so you’ll feel great when the SHTF… then you must see what the Turapϋr Water Pitcher will do for you.

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Did You Know There’s A Major Problem With Our Drinking Water?

Most of you reading this understand the simple concept of how “bad” water makes you sick.

That’s exactly why we get water filters like the AquaStiq and the LifeStraw. These devices prevent bad water from harming us in a crisis.

And for survival purposes, those filters are great. I can’t stress that enough.

However, when it comes to normal drinking water I discovered almost all our water is “bad” water.

Here’s how I found this out.

The other day I was speaking with my friend Nate Rifkin.

He’s a health researcher with one of the largest research firms in the nation.

And while I was telling him about the importance of water filters he told me something that absolutely shocked me.

Nate informed me while water filters are great for survival situations, when it comes to everyday drinking water we’re drinking water that is slowly killing us.

I didn’t know this was true until I saw his amazing expose on how dangerous regular water is.

According to Nate, there’s something wrong, really wrong, with the water in America. This is true of tap water, bottled water, filtered water and more.

Worse yet, you can’t fix the problem for yourself until you know what it is (see the problem here).

The scariest part about this is how these problems contribute to some of the most common, and most deadly, health problems we see here in the U.S.

Fortunately there is  good news.

By making a simple switch in your water you can fight off these threats. Not to mention you can use it for survival situations too.

Let me show you more.

How the Turapϋr Water Pitcher Changes Your Cells From The Inside Out

Look, I’m not a chemist or anything like that.

But Nate’s explanation of how normal water is actually missing an important chemical needed for good health helped explain to me why I might be feeling bad all the time.

The good news is he and his team invented something called the Turapϋr Water Pitcher to help take care of this missing chemical.

He explains exactly how it works on the next page.

The coolest thing about this new pitcher is it helps make you feel better immediately, as in within a few hours.


You can use it in a crisis situation to get clean water for months on end.

I still recommend traditional survival water filters like the AquaStiq or LifeStraw if you ever plan on bugging out.

But the Turapϋr Water Pitcher is hands down the best water filter for your health on a daily (and survival) basis.

Please see Nate’s video showing you what’s wrong with your water.