Trump Raises $7 Million in ONE DAY After Biden DOJ Arrest

Trump Raises $7 Million in ONE DAY After Biden DOJ Arrest

( – Since being formally charged by President Biden’s Department of Justice for allegedly mishandling classified documents, President Trump has raised $7 million for his 2024 presidential election campaign.

The official Trump campaign stated in an email sent to supporters on Wednesday:

“President Trump Raises Over $6.6 Million and Counting Since Deranged Jack Smith Announced Political Prosecution.”

Trump’s election campaign hosted a contributor fundraising event at Trump’s Bedminster Club in New Jersey after the court appearance, where they raised $2.1 million. Reuters claims that another $4.5 million was raised online.

Later, a Trump spokeswoman told Reuters that the total raised had topped $7 million.

President Trump entered a not-guilty plea on Tuesday in response to the 37 federal charges brought against him by Biden’s DOJ, claiming improper handling of secret documents discovered at his own Mar-A-Lago property.

The charges are:

– 31 counts of intentionally keeping national defense information
– 1 count of conspiracy to hinder justice
– 1 count of hiding and corruptly concealing documents and records
– Withholding a copy during a federal investigation
– Making false statements and misrepresentations

When the FBI seized 11 boxes of records from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence in August, the DOJ blamed Trump for obstructing their investigation. Trump’s lawyer was not allowed to be present during the search and seizure by the DOJ.

US Magistrate Judge Jonathan Goodman did not impose a bond requirement or any other limits on the defendant’s ability to travel.

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