Trump Faces Indictment This Week in Classified Documents Probe

Trump Faces Indictment This Week in Classified Documents Probe

( – Andrew Weissmann, a legal analyst for MSNBC, predicted on “The Last Word” on Monday that special counsel Jack Smith’s investigation into secret information will result in the indictment of former President Donald Trump this week.

Weissmann wrote on Twitter, “There are countless tales regarding the Trump case, but the fact remains that he will be charged, and it will happen this week in Washington, D.C. Whether or not other people will be charged and where they will be tried are still up in the air.”

Lawrence O’Donnell, the host, questioned, “Andrew, why this week? Do you anticipate any indictments this week?”

“I think that’s based on a number of things, but if you think about what we saw in the Manhattan case, we were looking to see that defense attorneys were given a chance to be heard,” Weissmann said.

“In a situation like this, what you should actually do at the very end is that. And today, we witnessed the defense attorneys entering the courtroom to provide their final argument as to why no charges should be filed.”

“I just think that in this case, knowing Jack Smith and his team, and the individuals hearing the appeal, that it is extremely unlikely that they would be hearing something that would lead them to conclude that there should not be charges,” he concluded.

“And this is the kind of thing you do right before you finish. Additionally, I believe that there is internal pressure to present this argument to the American public, even though they aren’t acknowledging it publicly. They must be informed of whether this occurred, and a trial must be held.”

“Jack Smith handled this case for the DOJ,” Weissmann continued. “Even though he hasn’t been at his work long, he has pushed hard to bring this case.”

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