Treasury Sec. Janet Yellen Ate ‘MAGIC’ Mushrooms In China

Treasury Sec. Janet Yellen Ate 'MAGIC' Mushrooms In China

( – During her recent trip to China, Janet Yellen, the Secretary of the Treasury, consumed hallucinogenic mushrooms, she revealed on Monday.

The mushrooms were part of Yellen’s meal at the well-known Chinese restaurant chain Yi Zuo Yi Wang (In and Out). She claimed she was unaware that the dish contained psychedelic mushrooms, but that quickly became obvious.

“So I went with this large group of people and the person who had arranged our dinner did the ordering,” Yellen told CNN.

“There was this delicious mushroom dish. I was not aware that these mushrooms had hallucinogenic properties,” she continued.

“I learned that later,” she added.

“I read that if the mushrooms are cooked properly, which I’m sure they were at this very good restaurant, that they have no impact,” Yellen continued. “But all of us enjoyed the mushrooms, the restaurant, and none of us felt any ill effects from having eaten them.”

In July, Yellen traveled to Beijing to meet with Chinese leaders to mend strained economic ties through “candor” and “respect.”

Despite having “significant disagreements” with her counterparts, she still saw the trip as a success.

“There are challenges, but I believe there is a desire on both sides to stabilize the relationship and to constructively address problems that each of us see in our relationship, to do so frankly, with candor, with respect, and to build a productive relationship going forward,” she said.

The mushrooms mentioned above are locally called Jian shou qing (hand blue). The mushrooms have been reported to produce hallucinations and to turn bluish when touched with the hand.

Depending on the individual, the mushrooms have been known to produce hallucinations that last for days. When adequately prepared, they are safe to eat.

On July 11, Yellen returned from her trip to Beijing. She has been a key player in President Biden’s “Bidenomics” economic strategy.

It would be nice if those magic mushrooms would help her develop great ideas for dealing with the horrendous economy.

It’s safe to say Treasury Sec. Yellen had a great trip.

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