8 Weird Toilet Paper Alternatives To Use In A Crisis

toilet paper alternatives

Toilet paper alternatives – most preppers don’t think about them. Sure, maybe you’ve got a stockpile of TP already put away. Or maybe you haven’t thought once about it. Still, the fact remains that you may end up in a situation where you’ll have to go without toilet paper – especially in an emergency situation.

Maybe that stockpile of yours will run out. Or maybe for whatever reason you have to leave it behind, or don’t have access to it.

I’m not saying don’t have a toilet paper stockpile. That’s an incredibly important resource. However, it’s also a luxury. That’s why, in order to best prepare for an emergency, it’s crucial to consider these…

8 Weird Toilet Paper Alternatives To Use In A Crisis

Old T-shirts, Rags, etc.

It’s a pretty good idea to bring an extra shirt or two with you that you don’t plan on wearing. That’s because these are great for ripping up and using for survival uses…like this one. Rags and old towels also work well. Plus, if you can afford to do laundry in a sanitary way, you can reuse these items again and again.

A Corn Cob

This one may sound strange. However, people have been using corn cobs to get the job done since Colonial times. Now, I’m not saying it’s comfortable. But, for hygiene purposes, it’s a whole lot better than nothing.

A Wet Sponge

The Romans were some of the first people to use this method. And, for a survival situation, it can work pretty well! Just make sure the water you’re using to wet the sponge is sanitary. Otherwise, this could lead to far worse problems.


Very few preppers know that the mullein plant is actually “nature’s toilet paper.” Its velvety soft leaves are ideal in a pinch. Not to mention, it naturally fights infection and inflammation – making it an ideal toilet paper alternative!

Check out the video below to learn how to identify it.

Smooth Stones

Although this option may sound strange, the Islamic culture has been using this effectively for years. Large, smooth stones like river rock can work well as an alternative to toilet paper. However, you’ll need to thoroughly inspect the rock first. Make sure there’s no rough areas or jagged, pointy sections. Any of these will NOT result in a pleasant bathroom experience.

Magazine & Newspaper Pages

Today, it’s pretty common to see some magazines or books next to the toilet. However, this was for a much larger purpose than just reading back in the day. During Colonial times, Americans made the discovery that they could use newspaper pages to wipe.

Soon after, the Father’s Almanac was put into outhouses. They even put in a hole art the top so they could hang it on the hook inside the door.


Most preppers have at least one first-aid kit in their but out bag. (And if you don’t, stop what you’re doing and get one. Now.).

One of the most common items in this kit is gauze. However, it’s good for more than just bandaging up wounds. In fact, this soft material can make an effective (and comfortable) toilet paper alternative in a crisis.

Other Plants

There are a variety of plants that can help you stay clean and fresh in an SHTF situation. Look for these plants in an emergency:

  • Thimbleberry
  • Bolted Lettuce
  • Cottonwood
  • Maple
  • Aster

However, there’s one plant you should avoid at all costs: poison ivy. If you accidentally use this plant, then well…the results won’t be pleasant.

Unfortunately, many preppers don’t know how to identify poison ivy. And, if you aren’t sure how to identify it, this makes it much more difficult to avoid.

Watch the video below to learn all about identifying this plant.

BONUS: How To Stock TP Effectively

It’s important to know the alternatives for toilet paper. It’s also important to have the real stuff on hand, too.

Unfortunately, toilet paper can be a pretty big pain to stock up on. That’s because it’s bulky, and is hard to fit in your bug out bag without taking up too much room. Plus, people tend to use it up pretty quickly (especially by those who take way too much out of habit).

Plus, when you calculate the number of rolls your house goes through in a week, and multiply it by the number of weeks you’ll need it (plan for a year), well….that tends to be a pretty large number.

Luckily, there’s an invention that may make it WAY easier to stop up on toilet paper. Check out the video below for details.