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8 Ways The Government Can Spy On You

the government can spy on you

As technology develops, there are more and more ways the government can spy on you. And the scary part is, they’re very sneaky about it – and can often use everyday items you depend on to track you.

This is nothing new. The government has always been wanting to gain control of the common man and keep tabs on them. However, as you’ll see in this blog, they’re doing this in an assortment of ways you might not expect.

What’s even worse is it’s not just the government wanting to track you. Criminals also want to hack your various devices and steal your credit card and identity information. And they’re often working around the clock to make sure they can take what’s rightfully yours.

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In 2018 it’s more important than ever before to prevent the government and hackers alike from gaining access to your private information. That’s why you need to be aware of these…

8 Ways The Government Can Spy On You

Your Computer & Your Phone

These are the two most obvious devices the government (and hackers) can use to track you. However, they’re also some of the most important to be aware of, since nearly everyone has either one or both of these devices.

The government can easily hack into your phone and computer in a variety of ways. For instance, at a recent Senate committee hearing, the CIA (along with several other intelligence agencies) confirmed they have placed every single American’s email address used in the past 12 months under surveillance. And they’re using advanced computer programs to read through the contents of your email 24/7.

They also confirm they’re literally able to see everything you read or send. And the CIA openly admitted before Congress that all of this is happening.

Furthermore, consider how tough it is to find a computer these days that doesn’t contain a webcam. Although this is convenient for seeing family and friends, it’s also a way that the government (and criminals) can spy on you. Mark Zuckerberg and former FBI Directors were aware of this, and have since put tape over their webcams to prevent spying.

If that weren’t enough, the government can also hack into your cell phone. One of the ways is by getting it to “play dead.”

Basically, this means that you turn off your cell phone like normal. The screen does the usual animation, and then goes black. However, although it seems off (or “dead”) the microphone and camera are still working, recording everything you say and do.

Government spies make this happen by setting up a mini cell network tower that your phone automatically connects to. Once this happens, the tower’s radio waves transmit a command to your smart phone. This tells your phone to “fake” a shutdown, and to stay on no matter what you do.

The government can also send pings to your phone, alerting them of your location.

Your Heart

More specifically, your pacemaker. Sound strange?

Back in 2007 former Vice President Dick Cheney realized he was under a terrifying terrorist threat.

The pacemaker that was controlling Cheney’s heart rhythms also contained a wireless connection. And because of this, he was left vulnerable to criminals attempting to hack into this device.

Thankfully, Cheney was able to remove the pacemaker’s wireless connection. Although this wireless connection helps physicians share health data, Cheney was able to convince them to stop it. Unfortunately, that didn’t prevent more physicians from continuing to implant these wireless pacemakers into other patients’ hearts.

When it comes to hackers (and the government), we tend to think they usually get into our computers and smartphones, etc. However, as this shocking story proves, they can even hack into – and stop – your heart.

Your Wallet

You may have heard of RFID technology. This tech (also known as “chips”) is now in many common devices – including your credit cards, debit cards and passports. Unfortunately, this also leaves them vulnerable to theft, since criminals can use RFID readers to gain access to the information these chips hold.

Once they have this, they can gain access to your credit card number and expiration date, as well as your personal identity.

(Want to learn more about RFID? We wrote a blog on this technology (and what to do about it) right here).

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Your Vehicle

Self-driving cars are causing quite a lot of excitement around the world. After all, the technology’s intention is to make the car “drive itself,” thus lowering rates of car accidents, traffic jams and more. The car does this by “knowing” the best routes to take in order to avoid hangups.

However, researchers have already proven that someone can hack one of these smart cars. And once they do this, the hacker can control everything in the vehicle, from the radio station to the brakes.

Not only can the government find out what vehicle you’re driving and where you’re heading to…

But just imagine what will happen if criminals hack into a ton of vehicles at once. It will be absolute chaos, and automobile fatalities will skyrocket.

Garage Doors

This may seem like an odd one, but it is nonetheless under the scrutiny of hackers. As it turns out, criminals can record the signal being sent from your garage remote to the controller.

Once they do this, government spies and hackers can open your garage door – even while you’re away from the house.

This isn’t just terrifying – it’s also a wakeup call for preppers who store their preps in the garage (and who don’t routinely lock the door leading into the house).

Your Baby Monitor

Many parents use a baby monitor to keep tabs on their baby/infant. Unfortunately, this monitor also allows the government and hackers to keep tabs on YOU.

This is a surprisingly common (and dangerous) problem. Check out the video below for more info.

The Government Is Watching You – Here’s How To Stop Them

Your Thermostat

“Smart thermostats” are all the rage. After all, they allow users to control the temperature in their home right from their smartphone.

However, due to numerous security flaws, government spies and criminals can easily hack into the thermostat and take control of your home’s settings (and other info).

Your TV

Televisions may seem fairly simple and innocent. However, they’re one of the most dangerous places for the government and criminals to hack into.

That’s because, due to “smart” technology and apps like Netflix, Hulu and more, a government spy or criminal can easily hack into your television and expose your credit card info. Not to mention, many TVs also contain microphones and webcams that the government can watch you and track you with.

And, because the vast majority of people are willfully ignorant of these issues, TV manufacturers are under zero pressure to stop the problem.

How To Keep Your Information Away From The Government’s Prying Eyes

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I am SO impressed with “Avoiding The Eye.” SURE we know the Government is watching us, but I never knew to what extent! Shocking! But the best part is because of your book, I now know how to stop them. Thank you Richard!

– Steven Hampton; Blaine, WA

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( – Joe Biden has decided not to run for reelection.

On Sunday afternoon, Biden declared his plan and promised to provide further details shortly.

“It has been the greatest honor of my life to serve as your President,” Biden’s statement read. “And while it has been my intention to seek reelection, I believe it is in the best interest of my party and the country for me to stand down and to focus solely on fulfilling my duties as President for the remainder of my term.”

Although Vice President Kamala Harris was expressly endorsed as his successor, he congratulated her in his statement for “being an extraordinary partner in all this work.”

But Biden later gave “my full support and endorsement for Kamala to be the nominee of our party this year” in a statement uploaded on X.

Then, in a powerful message to Democrats, Biden urged them to unite and defeat Trump, emphasizing the importance of collective action in the upcoming election.

Do you believe VP Kamala Harris will be the 2024 Democratic presidential nominee?

Copyright 2024.

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9 Secret Service Failures that Led to Trump Almost Being Assassinated

9 Secret Service Failures that Led to Trump Almost Being Assassinated

( – This past Saturday, during a campaign rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, former President Donald Trump came dangerously close to being assassinated in what is believed to be the biggest Secret Service blunder in forty years.

The fact remains that the organization tasked with defending Trump was unable to prevent the gunman, 20-year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks, from setting up shop less than 500 feet away, killing Corey Comperatore, a 50-year-old volunteer fire chief, and hitting President Trump in the ear.

Numerous investigations are in progress, but there have been few replies yet. Kimberly Cheatle, the director of the Secret Service, is scheduled to testify before the House Oversight Committee on Monday.

The following nine significant security lapses by the Secret Service that we are now aware of require attention:

1. There was an apparent security concern from the rooftop from where Crooks fired shots at Trump. According to NBC News, the Secret Service had recognized the rooftop as a possible point of vulnerability in the days leading up to the rally.

Why was the building given to local law enforcement and not included in the Secret Service’s inside perimeter? Why wasn’t the building’s perimeter secured? How did rally participants see Crooks ascending to the rooftop and positioning himself before the police could stop him?

When did the Secret Service’s counter-sniper teams learn about him, and why weren’t any of them designated to keep an eye on the rooftop?

2. The Secret Service allowed local police enforcement to be housed inside the structure instead of outside on the roof. According to Cheatle, the choice was to house local law enforcement inside the structure instead of on top of it.

She asserted that the roof’s “slope” was a “safety factor” in the decision. Dan Bongino, a podcast presenter and former Secret Service agent, has dubbed that “bullsh-t.”

In his July 18, 2024, podcast episode, Bongino stated that he had heard from sources that local police snipers were placed inside because they were pitted against counter-snipers and thought they could accomplish the task from the building’s second story.

This raises the question: Why weren’t counter-snipers on the rooftop watching for would-be snipers?

3. The building’s exterior was not secure, which gave Crooks access to the rooftop. Who was guarding the building from the outside or the rooftop from below, even if local police snipers were not stationed on the rooftop?

Did local law enforcement officers have a watch duty at the building? The Washington Post stated that although the agency had planned ahead, local police had informed the Secret Service before Saturday that they did not have the means to place a patrol car and officer outside the facility.

Why didn’t the Secret Service devise a backup strategy? How did Crooks manage to go to the top unhindered and get a direct line of sight with Trump?

4. About three hours before Trump spoke, at around 3 p.m., local law police noticed Crooks near a magnetometer with a range finder. After that, they lost sight of him. Why hadn’t law enforcement or the Secret Service questioned or followed him earlier?

CNN reports that Crooks caused a stir when he passed past magnetometers erected to check participants for the presence of a range finder. This device resembles a tiny pair of binoculars and is frequently used by the military or hunters to locate targets.

According to Bongino, there is disagreement over whether he used magnetometers in real life. Nevertheless, he was supposedly seen close to them.

The questions are: Who saw Crooks using the range finder, and who was informed of the sighting? Why wasn’t he followed up with or questioned at that point?

5. Crooks was not stopped or questioned even though local law enforcement officers reportedly saw him about an hour before Trump was scheduled to speak.

They saw him hanging outside the building, scoping the rooftop, returning with a backpack, and pulling out a range finder. They reported him to a command center.

It is unclear to whom Crooks was reported, whether the Secret Service knew about him then, and why he was not apprehended or questioned in light of his suspicious activity.

How was he permitted to ascend onto the rooftop without being stopped if he was under the notice of the Secret Service or local law enforcement?

6. About 20 minutes before Trump entered the stage, at 5:52 p.m., the Secret Service allegedly saw Crooks on the rooftop. Despite this, the agency did not prevent Trump from taking the platform.

At 5:52 p.m., ABC News reported he was spotted on the rooftop by Secret Service snipers. Why was Trump permitted to speak on stage even though?

When a local police officer observed Crooks on the rooftop sometime around 6:02 p.m., it was said that he pointed his gun at him, which caused him to tumble back down and hurt himself.

Were the Secret Service snipers present when this occurred, and if so, why were they inactive at that time?

7. The Secret Service snipers did nothing before Crooks fired at Trump, even though he had drawn his gun and positioned himself to shoot him.

Why wasn’t he neutralized before he could shoot Trump, even after the Secret Service recognized him as a threat and after he took out a gun and took up position?

Why was there an 11-second delay between Crooks’ initial shot at Trump and the Secret Service snipers’ fatal shot, assuming they had seen him at 5:52 p.m.?

8. Trump arrived on stage at 6:02 p.m., and for ten minutes, no action was taken to remove him from the platform until Crooks was able to open fire on him at 6:12 p.m.

Why wasn’t Trump removed from the stage, even if Secret Service snipers saw Crooks on the rooftop and were unsure of what to do?

Who decided not to try to remove him, and was there an attempt to do so?

9. No drone monitoring was conducted during the event, which would have allowed law police to catch Crooks scaling the rooftop earlier.

Despite the Secret Service’s capacity to request drone monitoring, Bongino claims no drone was used to record the event.

Was that capability requested by the Secret Service? If yes, who disputed it and to what extent?

On Monday, Cheatle—who has acknowledged that she has no plans to retire despite receiving calls for her resignation—will have many questions to respond to.

Should the Secret Service Director be immediately fired?

Copyright 2024.

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( – Over the past eight years, leftists who have called for violence against President Trump and his followers have become all too familiar to us.

Now that an attempt on Trump’s life was foiled at his Pennsylvania rally the previous weekend, we must give these unlawful threats against the former president and his allies more careful thought.

A well-known far-left live streamer named Destiny—a man with a female name—went on a hateful rampage against the late Trump supporter Corey Comperatore during the past week after Comperatore was struck by a bullet that was accidentally fired at the president.

It didn’t take long for blue-haired lefties like Destiny to start joyfully celebrating the death of a Trump fan while lamenting the fact that the assassin didn’t manage to kill the former president.

His words promoting violence led to his (supposedly) demonetization on X, and he was also temporarily suspended from, a well-known streaming service, for making the same heinous statements.

Many conservatives supported Destiny’s right to make such remarks as an example of the First Amendment.

But Destiny changed his tone during the RNC, going from endorsing violence to openly endorsing political assassinations.


After facing a series of personal challenges, including a highly publicized divorce, Destiny suffered a dramatic meltdown.

During an impromptu interview with The Gateway Pundit journalist Elijah Schaffer during the RNC in Milwaukee, WI, the host of The Young Turks, Ana Kasparian, went out of her way to denounce these remarks even though some conservatives were quick to accuse all liberals of thinking the same way.

It’s alarming to see someone with Destiny’s level of popularity advocating for political violence. However, it’s heartening to see progressive colleagues like Ana Kasparian criticize him for his deplorable remarks and serve as a reminder that, occasionally, people have public breakdowns.

Should far-left liberals promoting violence, like Destiny, be immediately de-platformed and demonetized?

Copyright 2024.

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